It is vital that we do not fall to the false information and teachings in respect of the Archangelic Realms.  The role that AA Michael plays in the full ascension to evolution process is a KEY one. 

The Old Earth Matrix is built upon a foundation that reflects but is NOT EQUAL to that which our Creator YHWY built HEAVEN upon. The construct of religion seeks to have us place HEAVEN where it is not in TRUTH and have us place it above the dimensional space that is referenced as "earth".   This has us following a false map with false reference points and will have us lost before we know it. 

AA Michael is a PILLAR of ENOCH and as such is a FOUNDATION frequency that has to be aligned to and ENTERED THRU in TRUTH. If we do not align with AA Michael we are not able to enter thru the second of 4 pillars that protect BACE Camp. 

It is AA Michael who severs the chords and bindings that ties us to the human ancestral lineage of our human physical vehicle. This is vital for we cannot go beyond that which the physical human ancestral lineage holds humanity to if we are resonant with any of it. 

Working with AA Michael sees the GENESIS chapter of the human life experience be dissolved fully.  View this akin to to following a rope back to its starting point. Said rope has been our "life line" during this human life experience, it is used by all within humanity as a way of navigating this dimensional space referenced as "earth".  If we remain tied to said rope we will be unable to move beyond the Old Earth Matrix as those around us will simply pull us back, hold us in place or even tie us up as hostages to their reality.  

TRUTH JUST IS , AA Michael wields the sword of TRUTH and can only ever cut chords that are non TRUTH.