Full alignment with AA Michael allows for clearing of dimensional timelines in the INTRA, INTER and MULTI levels of the Old Earth Matrix. It is not TRUTH to assume that AA Michael is the entity that the Old Earth Matrix presents as "angelic".  Whilst AA Michael carries a sword of TRUTH this Archangel is under full Will of Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

Alignment with AA Michael sees that boundary guards are removed, roles within the human life experience are reset, family ancestral lineage is cleansed and reset and that we are able to walk where others cannot. This Archangel is a KEY because of the way in which the Archangel works. 

It is under the WINGS of AA Michael that we walk beyond the borders that are heavily patrolled and guarded and into BACE Camp. BACE Camp is not within the Old Earth Matrix, it is beyond the boundary of it. We therefore require Archangelic protection to enter and remain within the protected dimensional space that is BACE Camp. 

AA Michael Alignment