It is vital that we do not fall to the false information and teachings in respect of the Archangelic Realms.  The role that AA Raphael plays in the full ascension to evolution process is a KEY one. 

The Old Earth Matrix is built upon a foundation that reflects but is NOT EQUAL to that which our Creator YHWY built HEAVEN upon. The construct of religion seeks to have us place HEAVEN where it is not in TRUTH and have us place it above the dimensional space that is referenced as "earth".   This has us following a false map with false reference points and will have us lost before we know it. 

AA Raphael is a PILLAR of ENOCH and as such is a FOUNDATION frequency that has to be aligned to and ENTERED THRU in TRUTH. If we do not align with AA Raphael we are not able to enter thru the first of 4 pillars that protect BACE Camp. 

It is AA Raphael who wraps us in a frequency that sees us walk beyond the "death" teachings that seek to have us remain within the logic and reason of the Old Earth Matrix. Entry to this pillar will see the human physical vehicle begin to align in TRUTH with that which it requires to RELEASE in order to align with Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

Massive changes to diet and health occur as we work to align fully with this Archangel.  AA Raphael removes the DNA/RNA frequencies that bind us to the health and wealth resonance of our human family ancestral lineage. This is vital for if we do not align we cannot move beyond the EDGES of the Old Earth Matrix, our human physical vehicle will simply reset itself to that of the physical human vehicles of those around us.