Please note that entry to BACE Camp requires alignment with ONE KEY and ONE Archangel PILLAR of ENOCH.  

YOU are not required to align with ALL 4 Pillars of Enoch Archangels UNLESS YOU ARE A LIGHT-BEARER.  It will become very obvious if you are a LIGHT-BEARER because YOU will have been in direct and continual contact with Karen herself.  

Therefore YOU require to respond to the Archangel who will make itself known to YOU prior to ordering any of the Archangel KEY Alignments. 

If YOU believe that YOU are a LIGHT-BEARER then this will be illuminated fully thru the movement that you are moved into and beyond in TRUTH.


This Archangelic Alignment focuses on the WOUND that requires to be illuminated in order to be surrendered for deep healing.  View the "wound" as an open wound that WEEPS.  The weeping is that which draws the harvesting from the Old Earth Matrix which will seek to hide said wound in order to continue to harvest from the frequency that it emits.

Those who require to align with and work more directly under the assistance of AA Raphael are those who are in key positions within the 144,000 and who have endured a human physical experience revealing to them the depth of trauma that the human race have experienced in a human life time. 

ALL alignments are addressed thru One to One sessions with Karen directly. 

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