It is vital that we allow our walk thru the Archangelic Pillars of Enoch to unfold thru our full surrender deep within our heart space. At times during our journey we will find deep opposition and this is done to protect us. We will reach a point where there seems nowhere to go and nothing to do, this is the point that AA Sandalphon steps forward.  This angel is a deeply healing Archangel and is the most challenging of the Archangelic Pillars to work with. 

This Archangel finds that which is preventing our Spirit in TRUTH fully and eternally anchoring within our human physical vehicle. At this level the wound is so deep and has been so hidden that we may sense it but we simply cannot see it. This wound has been there within us before we incarnated into this our human physical form and has been hidden thru the off planet frequencies used to bind us within the dimensional space referenced as "earth". 

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