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AA Chamuel 

A Message from AA Chamuel

"Greetings beloved ones I am AA Chamuel and one of the 4 Archangels who are the foundation of the NEW EARTH in TRUTH.  I come to introduce my energies in this the physical human plane of existence thru our Channel, Karen.  WE ARE here with you as you now begin to address the foundation frequencies of the NEW EARTH, as these are honored and accepted thru the human physical vehicle that you have incarnated into the foundation is laid within you. 

It is from this space that the NEW is created in TRUTH and you will begin to understand and to work to clear all, any and every residue in order that you can stand with HEAVEN in TRUTH in the WAR that has been WON by Christ Himself.  It is this allegiance that will see your pathways clear, your understanding evolve and expand and your energy and frequency EXPAND in TRUTH. 

The Archangels work closely with you at this time in order to raise your frequency, we send symbols, signs and messages to our Children in order that they can find SOLID ground on which to stand and to raise their wings in TRUTH.  

We work the Crystal Kingdom placing the crystals frequencies beneath your feet allowing you to find comfort, peace and understanding thru which the NEW EARTH is birthed in full. 


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