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AA Michael

Message from AA Michael 

"Beloved ones many of you will have connected with the energies that we carry and noted that the intensity is such that a deep feeling of HEAT is experienced, this is a protection frequency that is placed around and within those who are connected directly the Archangelic energies.  For those that are connected thru the 144,000 this will be a regular occurrence when connecting with an energy source that requires to be dealt with carefully. 

We send out the following coding to allow for those who are aligned with the energies of AA Michael to expand this connection. Working with the rays of BLUE/GREEN/TURQUOSE place the symbol of the skull deep within the heart space and connect thru Christ to the colors.   The resulting connection will produce a set of symbols, it is these symbols that validate who you are connecting to. 

We place the word PEACE at your feet and the word BREATHE just above your heart space over your chest area.  We place our wings around you and we ask that you breathe in the LIGHT of TRUTH in order to find the space that is required in order to access beyond this dimensional space. 

HEAVEN in TRUTH await the return of the 144,000 and we send out the color, the symbol of the GOLD FEATHER and the GOLD SKULL to them.  Working to find balance begins internally. 


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