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Image by Julian Hanslmaier

Angel Guidance

The Archangelic Realm is never far from us, angels leave signs and symbols all around us, from pennies to feathers they will alert us to their presence. 

What calls an angel to step forward is the frequency that arises within us that requires to be removed.  Those who carry heavy burdens of grief, guilt, anger, shame etc are surrounded by the Archangelic Realms but often miss the delicate signs that the angels leave in their path. 

Often angels will place people on your path, those with open hearts and a deep connection to the heart space.  Often human beings reject that which cannot be seen by the naked human eyes. The Archangelic Realms know this and will often work thru physical human beings to share the message and to reach the recipient. 

You are reading this page now, are you waiting for communication from the Archangelic Realms? a sign from Beyond that they have heard your call? 

Angelic Guidance thru Karen
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