Why is it important to understand the messages that the realms that remain (at this time) unseen to the human naked eyes share with us?  For many the very idea that there is anything beyond what their human eyes can see is beyond absurd and yet nature speaks to us. Animals speak to us, they may not use human language but they communicate as do birds and everything in nature.  Language therefore is not just human words, language in TRUTH goes beyond this. 

As we move further into the EVOLUTION in TRUTH process we will be moved into the language that exists beyond human words which of course is liberating on all levels.  We do not for example have to voice the words "I love you" to understand LOVE in TRUTH, we FEEL it in TRUTH.   

Symbols are sent out from Wider Creation in TRUTH to validate our path and these symbols come thru nature itself, it comes thru the language that ALL are conversant in which is LOVE in TRUTH, human kind have simply forgotten how to interpret the language of ALL.  Angels have a unique language that is gifted to us thru nature and everything around us.  The messages that appear on this website are from Wider Creation in TRUTH and are simply translated thru the human vehicle that is Karen.