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The PORTAL to Wider Creation in TRUTH

For many the misinformation around the ORION star system is all that they "know" and we must always remember that history (including galactic history) is always written by the victors.  This section of the website contains channelled information from Orion and thru ORION. 

"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE" -  HCoO thru Karen Doonan 

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The High Council 

Many people ask how the High Council of Orion made themselves know to me. After all is channelling not a lot of nonsense.  I never took much notice at all of any channelled material. I did always from a young child have a fascination for "what lay beyond".  I would look up into the sky and wonder what was on the edge of the universe, what was beyond that. I probably drove my parents a bit crazy when I was a young child. Always questioning everything. 

Life has a strange way of opening doorways and paths when we least expect it.  I began studying vibrational medicine after the death of a parent and my only desire at that time was to learn about alternative therapies and healing. Again, the questions, I saw how traditional medicine worked surely there was another way, one that was more in tune with our body. Never did I imagine what would open up as I began the walk on the path.


I did not go looking for anything, I simply opened up my heart to exploring. I sat with a group of other students (of the vibrational medicine course) and we did a meditation. A BEing appeared to me and just stood there, it didn't scare me, it didn't actually say anything to me, it just appeared in my mind's eye.  Intrigued, I stayed still and slowly more of them appeared, but they did not all look the same. I found myself standing within a semi circle of BEings that I did not recognize but they felt very familiar. The meditation moved on and as we were called back to our conscious waking level the BEings slowly faded. I did hear the word ORION. 

I shared this with my tutor and all she said to me was to explore further. Opening up my heart and allowing these energies to communicate with me would be the way forward.  Little did I know at the time where this would take me.  I have felt a tremendous LOVE from these BEings and have had them validate themselves to me over and over again. 

Then came the day they asked me to speak to the rest of world.  We had been communicating for some time and restoring our connection.  I shared the first channelled message on a Facebook post over 12 years ago. I didn't expect anyone to respond to it, but they did and soon these channelled messages were being shared over the internet. I channelled the TRUTH Codes book and completed it in 2012.  Since then, I have been on an accelerated journey of remembering and have met people from all over the world.  Crystal Skulls have moved to the central part of my life experience, always skulls have walked with me, and they hold and guard the energies that allow the communication. 

Now we live in a waking reality that the majority of humanity never expected to happen, we live in what was explained all those years ago, the closing down of the outer world was part of the messages that I worked with personally with those closest to me (others who are connected and open).  The High Council have been relatively quiet for a number of years, whilst communicating personally have never asked me to share widely.  Now this changes.  Just as we were prepared all those years ago for what we are living at this time we are being prepared once more. 

The messages and information on this section of the website is members only to protect the message. 


Karen x 

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