Welcome to TRUTH Codes!  We are progressing with the full evolution process and those of you who have endured this journey, well done!  Its not been easy with an outer waking reality that belongs in some movie. As with all journeys it has been pertinent to stop and rest in order to recharge our batteries and at times to release that which has weighed heavy upon us.  Our transformation continues as we now enter HEAVEN in TRUTH in order to remember who WE ARE in TRUTH. 

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The Journey so far....

The journey has been a long one and at times you may have felt the urge to prevent the journey continuing, believing that somehow you could go back to where you started and just "get on with things".  As you will have experienced that option is not available. When we started out on this journey we were unaware of where it would take us, this was to protect us at all levels of our Being. Now we are understanding that as we have walked forward, cleansed, healed and walked, that space that we started from has broken down and dissolved.  We have the HERE AND NOW, the PRESENT NOW MOMENT and nothing else and we are now understanding what this means to us at all levels of our Creation in TRUTH purpose. 

My own personal journey has been one that has taken me to places I never believed I would walk and yet I have. Always in the GRACE of Creator thru Christ and the last 4 linear years or so have been a healing like no other. I have been moved back into place in order to once more speak very openly and guide very openly.  The physical experiences that I have been granted thru Creator allowing me to gain a context I could have gained no other way.  

I have come back to what I love dearly.  Having been asked at one point to let go of all that I have ever known and enter a way of living that I had never heard of I have been taken back out of that experience and delivered back to where it all began for me. This may seem almost circular but it is a different space.  Creator has taken me to the deepest part of my heart space and placed Crystals, Color, Angels and Crystal Skulls firmly at my feet.  He has shown me that which called me to Him is what I am here to share with you all. I needed to heal fully before working at the depth that I am now shown to work with this.  

This is a precious, beautiful space to work from and it will expand and evolve as the energies from the Archangels now pour thru me and out into the spaces around me.  I invite you to work thru the site, to listen to the podcasts, to read the blogs and to sign up for the GOLD Channel where there are tools that you can use to help you on this journey. WE ARE NEVER ALONE,  WE ARE UNITED in TRUTH

It is my honor to share this work and the messages from HEAVEN in TRUTH with you. 

Karen x


(c) Luca Bassi