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About Karen 

The ORIGINal channel for the High Council of Orion, Karen has shared her work with humanity globally.  From the channelled messages that swept across the world to the online radio show that reached an even wider audience.  Many will recognise her as being ahead of her time. Most of what was shared has now come to pass and as the outer waking reality begins to reshape itself it is vital that we understand that it is a process and as such is always pliable. 

We can view Karen as the connector between those who have taken physical human form (birthed into humanity) and those who exist beyond the physical everyday plane that humanity exist upon.  She translates the messages and the communication from beyond and in doing so helps those who are in human physical form prepare for the ongoing expansion that began many, many years ago. 

Human words are restrictive in describing the work of TRUTH Codes which is why Karen shares her experiences and the words of those whom we share the universe with, to help validate those who have similar experiences and are looking to process and understand them more fully. 

"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE"

HCoO thru Karen Doonan
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