Aligning with Wider Creation in TRUTH 

It is relatively easy to assume that we have been part of wider Creation in TRUTH.  We are not, humanity are prevented from accessing wider Creation in TRUTH due to the false creation story that seeks to place Adam and Eve as the mother and father of humanity. NOTHING is further from TRUTH and the construct of religion plays its part in keeping this false story at the forefront of the human life experience.  Teaching humanity that they are somehow blighted by the "sins of the father" and that somehow they have to keeping repenting and sacrificing in order to somehow "please god".   

Our Creator YHWY is a loving Father and not the God that is portrayed by the construct of religion that seeks to have Him as some sort of fearful figure that is ready to bring down fire and brimstone on His Children.  Our Creator YHWY is a loving and merciful Father and gives us in this our human physical form every opportunity to obtain His Mercy and to walk in His Grace.  This however is a TRUTH that the construct of religion will seek to hide and the slight of hand that is often most used is that of the Old Testament. 

We are given a false picture that is drawn by the assumptions of those within the construct of religion that the starting point of humanity was in the Garden of Eden. Starting from this false starting point they run with the picture and have created a deep illusion that many are trapped within. Spending lifetimes trying to appease a God that has no intention of ever granting them mercy because the "god" that they are trying to appease is an impostor.  Satan is the accuser and he never stops accusing.  Lucifer is the angel that fell and he has sought to bring a revenge that involves those who are incarnated into a human form within the dimensional space that is called "earth".  This dimensional space allows for the playing out of all that is spiritual but it is kept hidden thru various constructs that seek to teach that somehow there are a multitude of ways out of said dimensional space. 

There is but ONE way out and this way was created upon Christ going into death and going beyond. Prior to this was a closed circuit of incarnation, death and re incarnation.  It was not until Christ was born into humanity and walked this dimensional space that the way out was formed. It is a frequency highway that can only ever be reached by surrendering IN Christ.  When we are within HIS FREQUENCY then we can walk the narrow path. It is closely guarded, it is closely protected and it is closely monitored.   This is to PREVENT humanity from finding it and from accessing it. 

Christ was always to go into death because it is in death that the greatest illusion of all is portrayed, that of re incarnation.  This lie that has been sold to humanity is a fracturing of the human life experience and has seen many within humanity hold on to said fracturing like a badge.  It is a fracture that requires to be healed and it must be healed fully before the final gate can be walked thru out of the old earth construct/matrix in order to align fully with wider Creation in TRUTH.  

Wider Creation in TRUTH is an expanse that continues to expand, much like zooming in on a picture if there are any blemishes on said picture then said blemishes also expand.  As re incarnation is a fracture then the fracture would increase and the resulting break would destroy the human vehicle that is incarnated into. This is not TRUTH and we are protected fully in this process from breaking the human vehicle.  We are aligning at this time in order to step from one dimensional space out into wider Creation in TRUTH to join the rest of Creation.  We have been kept isolated, imprisoned and denied from wider Creation as part of Lucifer's rant against our Creator YHWY. We have been caught up in the war that has raged between Lucifer and Satan as they have tried to win against each other. 

Darkness is not one solid force, it is fractured and it fights itself continually. Unlike LIGHT which works in UNITY and completion.  We have already won thru our Victory in Christ, we are merely enforcing our Victory when we come across the rogue aspect of darkness, the aspect that assumes that we do not know about our Victory and tries to blind us to this TRUTH.  As we approach the gate to the EXIT to the old earth construct/matrix the rogue element of darkness will play its games. It will seek to have us accept that we are alone, it will seek to have us accept that somehow we are not part of a much larger picture and it will seek to step where IT HAS NO AUTHORITY. 

It is at this gate that our Creator YHWY stations His Angels, these Angels work to keep us focused and work thru Christ to have us enforce our Victory in Him.  It is often when we reach this gate that we begin to waiver.  We are tired, often we are struggling to interact with those who are trapped deeply in the old earth construct/matrix and who may be trying to pull us back into their frequency and yet this is the place where we use the WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER to its purpose. We cannot go to war with the rogue element of darkness because that tells them that they have authority where they do not. It permits them to cross a line that is not TRUTH and will keep us entrapped as our Creator YHWY can only help us IN surrender. The moment we step out of it we become fodder for the rogue element. We must stand firm IN surrender as the gate prepares to open and Christ walks us thru it.