Welcome Home

"It has taken many lifetimes in this a human physical form for our channel to adjust to being that which she is in TRUTH.  We speak thru her because SHE IS US in TRUTH.

Those of YOU who can resonate with her work, her frequency and who feel that she is "family" are now coming together in order that YOU can remember YOUr ORIGIN and that which YOU came here to BE. 

It is vital that in this the beginning stages of re-alignment with ORION that YOU allow the understanding to birth thru YOUr heart space as the human logical mind will work against this process. 

THIS is why YOU came here and THIS is YOUr Creation purpose in TRUTH - to reveal TRUTH to a race that has been kept from evolving and in being kept chained and imprisoned has began to devour one another. 

We now begin our alignment with Wider Creation in TRUTH in preparation for the building that WE came here to assist with. 

"ALL just IS and WE ARE"

ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION 

Feb 2020 thru Karen Doonan