ALL SPEAKS is the second book in the Chronicles from ORION series channeled thru Karen Doonan. The first book TRUTH CODES is widely available from all Amazon market places and available in PDF format from this website. 

ALL SPEAKS follows on from the guidance and information in the first book and is the movement of humanity into phase two of the full ascension to evolution process. Humanity are not alone, it is the High Council of Orion who are supporting the movement of the 144.000 into Wider Creation in TRUTH.


ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION is the  BEing who is leading the movement thru the ORION PORTAL in TRUTH. 

The publication of the ALL SPEAKS book is the end of July 2020.


For those who have already pre ordered the book and would like to take advantage of the special offer below please contact Karen directly quoting BLUE ONE. 

ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION 

Personal channeled message 


The first 20 copies of the ALL SPEAKS book will include a personal channeled message from ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION. 

To activate this offer please click below to contact Karen quoting BLUE TWO.  The book will be invoiced at the full retail price and the channeled message will be sent out separately by email.