Anchoring the SPIRIT in TRUTH

Releasing Eden

We are subject to intense conditioning through the use of human language itself. We then assume that the language that we use is understood by those around us. Take for example the English language itself, American English uses a completely different context than UK English, and Scottish English uses a different context again.  Within human language we have been conditioned to hide the role of the soul through the assumption that both the soul and spirit are interchangeable.  This is not TRUTH, the role of the soul is in direct conflict with the role of the spirit, only our spirit comes from our Creator YHWY, whilst all within humanity will have been born with a human soul, the spirit is a direct gift from our Creator YHWY.  (Please see earlier TRUTH Codes work in particular the book "Exiting the Old 3D earth" for further information on the soul). 

Lucifer's version of the world has copies of our Creator YHWYs creation but they are not identical. So within Lucifer's world the human vehicle comes in both female and male versions but they are not created equally. Only our Creator YHWY created the original man and woman together:

Genesis 1:27 (KJV)

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them

This is in direct contrast to how Lucifer created his copies which were Adam and Eve:

1 Timothy 2:13 (KJV)

For Adam was first formed, then Eve

It is within this subtle difference that many are deceived within humanity.  We are fed the story of "creation" being Adam and Eve and remain blind to TRUTH in relation to the original creation.  All within Lucifer's world is illusion presenting itself as other than it is. When it comes to the soul this heightens for the soul is created to maintain the separation between humanity and our Creator YHWY.  Lucifer fuels his rebellion through humanity, using their blindness to manipulate and to continue the fight that was WON by Christ not only going to the Cross but going beyond it. In order for us to go beyond the Cross and follow in Christ's footsteps we must first of all heal the soul through our surrender in Christ. (It is Christ who heals the soul not us, we cannot literally see the wood for the trees due to the intense blindness we experience in relation to our own soul).  We are then fully moved into releasing the soul fully back to our Creator YHWY through our connection to His Son, Christ. 

It is to be noted that releasing the soul can only be done through full and complete surrender to Christ and under the full protection of the Blood of Christ.  Attempting to do this without Christ is spiritual suicide due to the way that the human vehicle is designed.  It is entirely possible for darkness to take over a human vehicle and many within humanity have succumbed to this.  We are in the end of times, what is often termed "possession" in religious terminology is on the increase as darkness seeks to walk on the physical plane that humanity exist within. 

Our spirit is released from our Creator YHWY in His timing. We will feel a call home and often we will undergo some physical trauma that sees a moment created in which our Creator YHWY tethers our soul to our human vehicle. We are then through our surrender to Christ gifted the Holy Spirit. This will see a challenge begin internally where we begin to question our own life experience. It is only when our spirit is ready to fully anchor into our human vehicle that we will begin to undergo an intense internal challenge, it may feel a bit like standing in the middle of an emotional hurricane as our soul fights for its place.  We will attempt to find peace and we will often be opposed by our Creator YHWY as we use behaviors and actions that are driven by the soul attempting to once more take control of our human life experience. 

As it is not possible to hand over a fractured soul to our Creator YHWY we will be placed in a sort of emotional quarantine through the Salvation in TRUTH process and asked to choose again.  Christ will continue to highlight emotional debris that is fueling the soul and we are asked to hand over said emotional debris. As we hand over said debris through prayer and connection to Christ then the soul will begin to become more whole. It is at this point that we are most vulnerable and move into being our own worst enemy. We may find ourselves at odds with those closest to us, we may suddenly remember past hurts and have them almost manifest once again but find that they stop short of full manifestation. We are held closely by our Creator YHWY and it is through His Grace that we are neutralized over and over in order to both see and more importantly understand that which is attempting to play out within us.  (View the soul as a crystal glass, we must hand it over as a fully formed glass, not as a shattered, in pieces object). 

Our soul is fractured due to the linking of it to various dimensional timelines which we remain blind to in this our human form. The linear time context that we are conditioned to live within is simply an illusion.  We may find that those we have shared other timelines and dimensional experience with try to come back into our waking physical life and again this will be opposed by our Creator YHWY. We can never underestimate both the power of the soul and the blindness that is inflicted internally in this phase of the Salvation in TRUTH process. 

Always Christ is stronger and our strength comes from our surrender to and IN Him:

Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me