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Angel Communications thru Karen 

Many people find comfort in the energies of the angels and the Archangels.  Indeed they will often have been drawn to angels repeatedly.  Archangelic energies have different attributes so connecting with and receiving a message from the Archangels will depend what you wish to address.  These energies are very much coming to the fore at this time as never has a race been in so much pain and distress as the human race are at this time. 

It is important to understand that you do not have to know what the angel needs to help you with, only that you are called to the angels and that you are open to receiving their messages.  It can be very difficult indeed to put into words the pain and discomfort that is felt at a human physical everyday waking life experience level. HEAVEN in TRUTH understands this and will place feathers and symbols on your path in order to remind you that you are not alone, that you are never alone and the answer and guidance that you seek is but a breath away. 

Karen has worked with angelic energies her entire life. Having gone thru the pain and separation that occurs when loved ones are lost she knows only too well the depth of the pain that is left.  HEAVEN in TRUTH have revealed to Karen the GRACE of Creator thru Christ in order that she can stand as a BEACON of LIGHT in the darkness that often blankets the human life experience when deep pain is experienced. There is no question too small, all that the angels ask is that you are open to their message by having FAITH in the process.  Remember the message is coming from HEAVEN in TRUTH, Karen is simply the conduit that HEAVEN in TRUTH work thru. 

An angelic connection thru Karen is brought thru by connecting to HEAVEN in TRUTH and placing your name at the feet of the Archangelic energy that steps forward to receive the request from HEAVEN in TRUTH.  Then the Archangelic energy with the message will speak.  When ordering a reading please allow 3 - 5 days to receive your reading via email. 

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Angel Reading thru Karen (via email)