Angelic Realms in TRUTH

Karen Doonan

It is vital that we allow our understanding as to the role of angelics to expand and to deepen. The old earth construct has managed to take the "angel" and turn it into a sort of woolly version which seeks to somehow placate and work for humanity.


Angelics are not in service to humans personally, an angelic will aid a human but only under the instructions of who it reports to which in many cases is Lucifer himself.  This is hidden to many within humanity and we are now subject to intense conditioning through weekly media and magazines which seek to have us clean our houses or park our cars with the help of "angels". This "dumbing down" of angelics is as deliberate as it is blasphemous. 

There are various levels and realms of angelics and all have a very specific purpose, they do not take male nor female form for they have no need of form in spirit. At this time we are now moving into beyond the end of the end of days and the angelics who have remained in silence waiting for the relevant frequency shift are now stirring. In this our human physical form we have been conditioned to live within a linear timeframe which seeks to bind us to past, present and future, all of which do not exist in TRUTH. Angelics are not bound by linear just as they are not bound by any specific gender.  What binds angelics is their LOVE in TRUTH and their obedience to our Creator YHWY. 

Many of the "fallen" have simply adapted to life bound to the lower dimensional planes which Lucifer cultivated for his own use and have been placed in false roles. All angelics are spiritual warriors in TRUTH and they are at this time pouring into our outer waking life experience because we have been freed from the frequency bandwidths of the old earth construct. As the frequencies now expand and wider creation begins to flood in then the angelics will begin to take their places and this includes aligning with those who took human physical form and have a spirit connection to them directly. 

This needs to be crystal clear, we are not aligning with the angelics in service to them, we are them who have taken human physical form in order to complete the "so above, so below" equation that is ordained by our Creator YHWY. This is to allow a translation between the two. As angelics have no physical experience of being human on the earth plane since they are spirit they require their reflection to have taken human physical form in order that the information from our Creator YHWY can be translated to said human form and be shared within the human connections that humanity make. We are gifted this by our Creator YHWY and we require to allow our human physical form to be upgraded at a frequency level in order to maintain and harness this connection. 

This requires us to release the human soul which is no longer required when our angelic spirit is activated. This allows us to walk past all human trauma, suffering and separation which the human physical body has endured through the ancestral lineage of the human family that we have birthed into. Once we have done this then the angelic spirit will begin to alter our human life experience in order that they step fully on to the path that our creation purpose is in TRUTH. 

As a channel for the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM it is relatvely easy to identify other Archangeloi who have taken human physical form even if the human part of them is still relatively unaware that they are host to an angelic spirit. The information therefore contained in these member only pages on angelics serves to aid in the integration process that begins when we begin to mesh our human physical being with that of our angelic spirit. This allows us to strengthen our connection to our Creator YHWY Himself for it is HE that we report to directly. 

Angelics are warrior angels who serve only our Creator YHWY so part of our integration is to let go of the very human aspects that our human soul has adopted, this will see us step out fully of all 'victim" scenarios and become more compassionate as a result. We will begin to understand that we walk the path that we walk so that others in humanity can find and walk said path.  Our work with angelics will see us work directly with Christ also but as Christ has been hijacked by the construct of religion many may struggle with this.  Our Creator YHWY requires no religion from us, whilst we serve Him and we are ordained by Him we do not require any ritual, rote or routine because this has become the enslavement of humanity. Lucifer has taught them to fear our Creator YHWY, something which is blasphemous because we are created from LOVE in TRUTH, the very highest frequency that exists, it is what angels are created from, it is what the wider universe is created from because IT JUST IS.

The time is NOW to awake and align and to bring to LIGHT TRUTH. 

That LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION because in TRUTH,

LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. ALL else is illusion.