There are many who have taken human physical form who have incarnated into humanity in order to aid the ascension process.  They take human physical form initially to understand from a very human everyday perspective the bindings and chains that have been placed around, within and upon humanity.  There comes a point in the end of the end of days that these Angelics dissolve their human souls in order to be able to anchor fully their SPIRIT in TRUTH. 

As our Creator YHWY created Angelics and it is He who bestows our SPIRIT in TRUTH upon us we must surrender fully within the Salvation in TRUTH process in order that we move fully into our Creation Purpose in TRUTH. 

Many who have taken human physical form and who are vessels for Angelic Spirit are now awakening and will be drawn to our Creator YHWY through their need for moving beyond the limitations that this human physical form endures.  It is vital that we surrender and allow our Creator YHWY to guide us and to validate our Creation Purpose in TRUTH in the physical waking world in which our human physical vehicle resides. 

It is vital that we allow the cleansing and clearing of the heart space of the human physical vehicle for those who have an Angelic Spirit are highly sensitive.  This will have seen them endure much heartache in this their human physical form because they are natural healers.  It is not TRUTH to bundle all Angelics together under the one banner for many have be sent by our Creator YHWY to clear the way spiritually for the ascension of humanity. Unfortunately darkness has cultivated a deep illusion with regard to angelic beings and many within humanity have them in some sort of pink and fluffy context.  Angelics sent by our Creator YHWY are ANGEL WARRIORS OF LIGHT.  Many possess abilities that at a human physical everyday level make no sense at all and the human logical mind will deny themselves to themselves many times and yet there is a deep and perpetual knowing that sits deep within their heart space. 

LOVE in TRUTH is the fuel for the Angelic SPIRIT and anything less than this will be rejected. This will have seen many Angelics sit in isolation unsure of their purpose until very recently for Angelics were sent for a specific event and purpose which sits out with the linear construct that Lucifer has chained humanity to and within. 

If you are an Angelic SPIRIT host and have found this information then the time is NOW. It is vital that you are aligned with your Creation Purpose in TRUTH.  To order personal channeled guidance/information from the Angelics thru Karen please order below. Please state 3 key areas of the human life experience that you feel need addressed at this time and angelic guidance will be sent to you via email. Please allow 3 - 5 linear days to receive once your request has been received. (at times of high frequency re-alignment this may take a little longer). 

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