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Angels from HEAVEN in TRUTH

Many people have had physical interactions and encounters with "angels", these heavenly messengers are sent by HEAVEN in TRUTH in order to deliver messages. Unfortunately the "new age" religion has hijacked these magnificent beings and turned them into some sort of "deliver a miracle to me" entities. 

Angels in TRUTH serve Creator thru Christ, their Creation in TRUTH purpose is set from the moment they are created and they are never in service to humans. We will find that when we are given a message thru these beings that the message will be repeated until it is actually delivered. There is no half measures with an Angel in TRUTH, it has a purpose and that purpose has to be fulfilled. 

Often we can find ourselves "wrestling" with an Angel because we have mistaken its message or it is trying to deliver a message that we are not ready to hear. 

Angels and the 144,000

As we approach the frequency bandwidths that are at the edge of HEAVEN in TRUTH there will be Angels who appear to us in order to help guide us and to help us release the trauma, separation and division that we have experienced in this our human physical life experience.  The 144,000 are incarnated thru HEAVEN in TRUTH into the human race so their return to the frequency bandwidths of their CREATION is one that triggers this process.  

They may feel a huge connection to Angels and may receive continual white feathers placed in key places in their outer waking reality.  There are a myriad of ways that Angels will make contact with them.  Working closely with HEAVEN in TRUTH allows Karen to access the angelic frequency bandwidths and allows her to channel these messages.  Messages can be of comfort, they can be of guidance and they can be of validation.   What will increase is the intensity of the Angel that is trying to deliver the message, until the message is received by the recipient then said recipient will receive the same nudges, symbols and often dreams until they are able to accept that an Angel is making contact with them. 

The 144,000 will go thru this process in order they are cleared at a deep level as no trauma, separation or division can be taken beyond the top frequency bandwidth that allows connection to HEAVEN in TRUTH.  Healing is permanent and is done thru releasing the frequency (using symbols, color etc) deep within the heart space.  The message itself, once delivered is often the trigger point for understanding. We live in a dimensional space that seeks to give the impression that a loved one shedding human physical form is no longer reachable. Nothing is further from TRUTH, LOVE in TRUTH knows no boundaries, it is often us, in this our human physical form that rejects the message and attempts at the message being delivered.  This sets up a situation where closure is never achieved and can be damaging to our human physical vehicle as it affects our frequency and our energy signature. 

Having experienced the death of both parents at a relatively young age and both of a sudden nature has shown Karen the depth of grief that many are still living with.  HEAVEN in TRUTH has reached out over and over trying to deliver the message that Karen required in order to step into this work.  The message was very, very clear and came thick and fast, we lose no one and as we re open our heart (which closes when we experience grief) we can reach beyond the seen world and can reconnect with those from the other side. 

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