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Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom is one that sits waiting for us to RE-connect.  The power in the animal world is vast and Wider Creation will often send an animal to communicate with us.  How we interpret the message depends on how deep a heart connection we have. 

How often do you see the same animal symbol repeatedly within a day? Wider Creation in TRUTH communicates with us at all moments of all moments. This communication is of course TWO WAY, we communicate in ways that we are often blind to.  

Sitting still in nature, opening our deep heart space and expanding our energy system outwards will see the animals and birds around us begin to behave differently. They are responding to the heart connection, in this our human physical form we often guard our heart space, keeping walls up for fear of being hurt. This works against our natural state of Being. 

What is the Animal Kingdom trying to tell you? the symbol is the KEY to unlocking a deep part of the heart. 

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