There is much talk about the end of this age, many false teachings and many false reference points have also sought to define that which is commonly referred to as "ascension".  The word itself conjures up images of rising above and moving to somewhere "other" and of course the human logical mind cannot accept this.  Indeed many within humanity have simply written off "ascension" as a niche part of humanity and many have been pulled into the very deep illusion that in order to enter the process itself then a deep knowledge of crystals, angels or other worldly things has to be achieved.  This is of course deliberate because it builds a wall and those behind said wall seek to keep those who have joined them from reaching beyond said wall. 

Knowledge is not our friend in this age, it has been used repeatedly to trigger the human logical mind and in doing so separate humanity from their heart. It is our heart that knows TRUTH, not our human logical mind, indeed our human logical mind will often go to war with our heart seeking to beat down the needs of our heart with the knowledge that says "you are wrong".  The internet, technology and the fear of being "left behind" is driving the current manifestation that sees humanity go to war within itself. 

Ascension is a process whereby we are given the opportunity to move out of the dense and entrenched patterns of behavior and living that has seen us experience pain, separation and trauma.  It is the beginning of the evolution process in TRUTH, something that has been denied to humanity by the old earth construct itself.  The human logical mind seeks to expand but as it is tied to the reality that it feeds into it can only ever expand in circles. It cannot expand beyond where we are because it keeps us tied to where we are. Many people have attempted to think their way forward and this has only led to even more separation, pain and trauma because the human logical mind is the storage vessel of the old earth construct itself. 

Many within humanity will ask the question "why am i here?" and it will often be answered by those around them in the context of being part of humanity.  We are here to experience LOVE in TRUTH in this our human physical form but we have been kept separate from our heart space, denied the experience of LOVE in TRUTH and bound to a reality that is everything it states it is not. The dimensional space that we are born into is separate from wider Creation in TRUTH and as such is stagnant, recycling the human life experience over and over again.  This is hidden by the manifestation of different generations of humans, of different body types etc but it is cycles of repetition which have now reached their end time.  Much like a zerox machine running out of ink, humanity can be recycled no further. 

This website contains information that is shared through personal experience of the process that many within humanity have entered. Some have entered and are unknowingly part of said process, such is the depth of false reference points in respect of those who are "ascending" and their role.  Evolution is a natural process, humanity have not "invented" it and therefore humanity are subject to it, they do not control it.  This is hidden in plain view and many are in place to provide false information that cannot be backed up by physical experience because it is simply "knowledge".  (To understand the role of knowledge please access the appropriate pages on this website).

So how do you know that you are in the evolution process and that which you are experiencing is not simply more illusion? You will go through a series of phases of the process (detailed throughout this website) and you will as you enter and progress through the process understand that which you walk within everyday.  You will also be called very clearly by our Creator YHWY and be gifted the full lifting of the veils that were placed upon humanity and which are now dissolving.