Ashes to Ashes in TRUTH

We are heavily conditioned within this human physical form to ignore that which is in front of us and often human language will be dismissed despite it giving away that which is in front of us. As we move further within the cleansing and clearing process that our SPIRIT in TRUTH establishes within us we will be faced with the emotional debris and the wounds that are protected by said emotional debris. The most dense teachings that we are taught within the old earth construct/matrix are in respect of that which walks beside us but which remains hidden to us. 

At an everyday waking human life experience level this is in respect of human death, we are provided repeatedly with false reference points, with rote, ritual and with non TRUTH in respect of death itself. To put it very simply we have been taught that X is death when in TRUTH it is Y and whilst we are focused on X then Y can wreak havoc in our human life experience and remain hidden because all we have is the reference points given for X.  The construct of religion plays into these false teachings completely.  We have Christ on the Cross and the false reference points that are created using slight of hand in relation to His Death and His Crucifixion.  Indeed the Catholic Church has built its entire foundation on the symbol of a human being crucified and this is done to enforce the false teachings around death and dying.  In the Western World death is something that is not talked about and is hushed up for fear of disturbing those who have experienced it and this way of living is not TRUTH.  Whilst death is part of the human life experience the rote and ritual around the actual physical death of a human being simply traps humanity in the death process itself. 

Human society in the old earth construct/matrix is build on a foundation that is a funeral pyre, the ashes of those who have passed from human physical form remain hidden in plain view as those who are "left behind" become paralyzed in grief and fear and begin to side step the human life experience itself, preferring to live in the memories and in doing so taking themselves fully out of the NOW moment. As change can only ever be effected in the NOW moment they become viewers only and take on a role that is not theirs to take.  This is also presented other than it is in the Eastern World where death is celebrated but in rote and ritual that keeps the bindings intact. 

As we are now approaching the end of times completion our Creator YHWY will lift the veils for us and allow us to see that which remains hidden to the majority of humanity . The veils surrounding death have to be lifted for us because we have taken part in the rote and ritual that keeps humanity bound to death.  It has become part of our human life experience and as death is not the end said rote and ritual keep a frequency binding tethering us to the old earth construct/matrix. It cannot be taken beyond the boundaries of the old earth construct/matrix and will see us kept in a sort of limbo until we willingly hand over the binding and then step fully out of the illusion itself.  This may be very challenging because part of our human life experience may have been dealing with immediate family members death, we are gifted this experience because our Creator YHWY knows that this can be healed, the veils therefore are lifted as a gift, not as some sort of judgement, we have to see where we stand before we can begin to walk or we will be lost before we begin the journey home in TRUTH. 

1 John 5:11 (KJV)

And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son