Ashes to Ashes in TRUTH part 2 

Each human family bloodline will have certain rote and ritual in respect of those who have passed.  For many human family bloodlines the actual emotional debris around this will be harvested repeatedly.  The dealing with the human physical death of a loved one will fall on the shoulders of certain family members and a family death will result in a fracturing of the family to levels that will remain hidden due to the covering of emotional debris that is placed over said fracture.  Many families can relate to the shattering of the family itself when a loved one has died, from relationships breaking up to family members no longer talking to one another.  All appears to be the result of the death of the loved one but that which is playing out is the fractal resonance created from the frequency of death itself.  It is to be noted that just because the old earth construct/matrix is designed to give the experience that it gives does not make said experiences TRUTH, it is designed to give said experience so it delivers. 

Humanity are fed false reference points that seek to detach them fully from the wound that is created by a physical human death in their human life experience. It is the wound that darkness feeds from by harvesting the emotional debris that covers said wound.  View the wound as a cake and the emotional debris as the icing on said cake. The icing keeps the cake moist and prevents the cake going stale or drying out.  The wound needs to dry in order to begin the healing process so it is akin to keeping a fresh plaster on a deep wound, never letting the air get in to begin the healing process and of course the discomfort from the wound will increase the longer we carry said wound.  That which hides this is the emotional debris, because it will be triggered when an opportunity is reached to address said wound.  This blinds the host that carries the wound and unconsciously said host will prevent the reaching of said wound. 

At a human conscious waking everyday life experience this will manifest as family disputes, family arguments and the assumption that family are the ones that are causing the pain, therefore to minimize the pain the disconnection from said family is the solution.  The human logical mind only works in absolutes so this polarization and assumption is something that the human logical mind will accept very readily. So we will find family history where relatives simply lose touch with one another and then the assumption of time and the linear context spring to life to protect this illusion.  Time is not linear and the only opportunity we have for movement and change is in the NOW moment but we are not conditioned to live our lives in anything other than the second person.  We are conditioned heavily to step out of the NOW and are either reminiscing the past or planning the future. Both are illusion for we cannot reach the past nor the future for they do not exist in TRUTH. It is merely the manifestation of a frequency that is protecting the wound within us.