As we move further into our heart space we begin to understand the depth of the deception that humanity have been subject to but more importantly we begin to understand how our human logical mind and our naked human eyes have been used to fool us.  The optical illusion that is the Old Earth Matrix is stunning and we are given the gift of the removing of the veils from our naked human eyes as we progress thru the cleansing and clearing process itself. 

BACE CAMP is a protected dimensional space that sits at the edge of the Old Earth Matrix, we can view it akin to a "frequency pocket" that allows for us to gather ourselves and take a moment to fully understand our walk out of the Old Earth Matrix. It is entered into only when we have released the BASE frequency that ties us to the Old Earth Matrix itself.  Prior to this we are magnetically aligned only with the Old Earth Matrix frequency bandwidths. The pull to the Old Earth Matrix will continue until we surrender that which is revealed to us as we move towards BACE CAMP. 

It is vital that we do not allow the seeds of fear to regenerate as we walk towards BACE CAMP, the Old Earth Matrix is designed to trigger the seeds that were implanted into the human physical vehicle at the creation of the human physical form. These seeds have lain dormant for generations but are fully triggered when a human physical vehicle is moved into position to align beyond the Old Earth Matrix.  We can view it as a sort of force field that keeps our human physical vehicle in check and keeps us within the boundaries that are PERCEIVED by the human logical mind. The main boundary of course being the human logical mind itself, where the human logical mind perceives there is nothing it will rebel if we attempt movement. This is why we are given the guidance to walk in "faith", this means walking where the human eyes see nothing but the human heart sees ALL. 

To those who view this walk it makes no logical or reasonable sense and they will go all out to attempt to persuade us that we are blind, that we are the ones who are in denial etc.  We are fully supported in our walk to BACE CAMP but we are given the experience of this rebellion from humanity and the experience allows us to find the seeds that are being triggered and we are then given full support in REMOVING THEM FULLY.  We cannot underestimate the depth of seeding that has occurred and often times we will be stunned to understand the ways in which we have self sabotaged.  We will begin to see it within those around us and the challenge is to allow it to continue.  Attempting to wake up those around us who have not reached this point in the full ascension to full evolution process is a distraction and one that the Old Earth Matrix will place at our feet continually until we are safely within BACE CAMP. 

Be aware of the distractions, become more aware of the pull that certain life situations have for you and work to release the pull itself.  This comes in a myriad of different forms for each human physical vehicle has a slight variation in the pull magnet that is within. Certain family lineage patterns will produce certain intense distractions that simply are not noticed by other family lineage patterns but that which is the continuum between them all is the depth of distraction. The pull itself is the key, we must go deep within our heart space and address the actual pull NOT the distraction itself. When we take the root out the frequency cannot manifest, the root frequency uses a system of distractions in order to keep regrowing. 

For help in addressing the root frequency due to the depth of distractions that are being placed before you support is offered: please click here to find out more.