Karen Doonan

We in this our human physical form require to understand but in order to reach understanding we often have to allow that which is in our reality to reveal itself in TRUTH.  This section of the website deals with that which is termed "Prophecy" and that which is often termed "new earth".   Each subject that is covered is explored in TRUTH and may trigger many of you reading.  The triggering is an indication that something within requires to be released and in the release is the healing that begins in TRUTH. 

We are now moving way beyond that which many are still attempting to address through human logic and reasoning.  We require to move into our heart space and in doing so allow LOVE in TRUTH to not only take up residency but to blossom and grow and expand fully.  It is therefore not enough to simply read and digest we have to practice and we have to take the reigns of our own heart space and begin to address that which prevents us from allowing LOVE in TRUTH to flow through us. 

It is vital to allow understanding to begin to blossom and this is only done by suspending first of all that which we have been conditioned to believe within the old earth construct/matrix itself.  If we do not then the filters kick in and we simply keep walking past the doorway that opens as we approach it.  The old earth construct/matrix is a self validating space and will keep seekers going round in circles for as long as possible. It is only by looking again and clearing the mind by suspending "belief" that we can even begin to glimpse the outline of the door that is hidden in plain view. 

Nothing on this website has been shared without having being experienced physically by Karen herself. The journey is one that makes no logical or reasonable sense and yet it is a journey that can and has been walked. As we begin to awake from the dreaming we begin to understand that we have a choice, a choice that when understood and accepted fully sees us begin to step back into our power and in doing so destroy the binds that hold on all levels of this old earth construct/matrix.