Book of Revelation - Part One

Releasing Eden Book of Revelation part one

There has been much debate and much definition by various "constructs" in relation to the meaning of prophecy. The media also plays a part in this definition, just as fallen angels can present as beautiful angels so too can darkness masquerade as light.  The human logical mind works in absolutes, that is either left OR right, up or down, our eyes are also subject to many optical illusions, the picture presented will alter depending on our emotional landscape.  It is vital therefore to approach the book of Revelation with an open heart and full connection to our Creator YHWY thru Christ. The holy spirit can and will guide in the understanding of prophesy and it must be accepted that "understanding" is a completely different scenario than "meaning".  The very literal translations and assumptions that are themselves part of the unfolding of prophesy take humanity out of TRUTH and into the realm of the human logical mind which has been conditioned by Lucifer to ignore that which is happening in favor of what is assumed to be happening. 

Whilst many focus on the darkness that is explained in the book of Revelation what is often ignored is our Creator YHWY's promise to His Children, that of a new earth and a new way of living. The very definition of "new" has been misinterpreted by those who are being led astray by darkness.  New means never before being experienced, we are not therefore creating a "happier", "shinier" version of the human life experience.  In TRUTH we are creating nothing, we are merely surrendering to our creation purpose which flows through us as we surrender to the Salvation in TRUTH process (often referenced as the Ascension process) and we follow the guidance of our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ. 

It is Christ who is our starting point, without a full acceptance of Christ in our heart space we remain connected to the old earth construct and the strongholds, dominions and curses that humanity within the old earth is bound by. The process of going beyond the Cross can only ever be experienced through the protection and guidance of our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ.  It is vital that the book of Revelation is understood in this context and not seen as separate to anything. Many who read the book of Revelation take it out of context and remove it from the Word of YHWY placing it firmly within the conspiracy construct that is designed to keep the human logical mind in overdrive. The human logical mind cannot interpret the book of Revelation any more than it can interpret the entire Word of YHWY, without the holy spirit which can only ever be graced to us through our connection to our Creator YHWY through Christ it is not possible, this is purely due to the conditioning of the human logical mind and nothing else. 

Matthew 26:41 (KJV)

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

When setting out on any journey if we are off by even one degree then as we travel on said journey this one degree widens and we find we are so far off our destination we are lost. At every moment during the Salvation in TRUTH process we are re-calibrated, re-directed and re-routed, remaining in full surrender to our Creator YHWY this is to TRUTH, to ignore and to assume will see us react to a picture that is illusion and find ourselves not only off the path but in a different place altogether. Never assume that something is as is being presented, always surrender to our Creator YHWY for He sees ALL at ALL moments throughout eternity, in our human waking form we have no access to this picture and we become instruments for darkness by rebelling through assumption and human "knowledge".