Cleansing of the Hidden Wound in TRUTH

The illumination of the hidden wound that the emotional debris has sought to hide from us at a conscious waking mind level is but part of the process. It may take some linear time for us to truly understand that which we are shown and we will be shown it very clearly indeed.  Understanding is that which is required in order to let go and to allow the healing to unfold and it will do so in ways that we do not see from the current vantage point.  We have walked with this wound for many linear years, often the wound was created at a pivotal "age" in this our human life experience and as such becomes a foundation for that section of our human life experience. Indeed we may have moved our human life experience to such an extent that the wound becomes the entire focus albeit we have kept it hidden. This of course will make no logical sense to the human logical mind and it is precisely this that has allowed for it to continue.  Logic and reason have no part to play in either the illumination of nor of the clearing and cleansing of the hidden wound. 

Very often the illumination of the hidden wound will impact on how we have viewed our personal relationships and we will be shown how we have self policed this area of the human life experience itself. It is the self policing that is first to be cleansed for it serves no purpose to see a wound then hide it once more. We are moving out of the old earth construct/matrix conditioning and moving into wholeness and well being. We have NO reference points in TRUTH for either as the old earth construct/matrix is self validating, so attempting to validate this externally will serve no purpose either.  

Upon reading this information it may bring up various fear scenarios but that is not the purpose of this information, the purpose of sharing this information is to show that it is part of a process, one that is ongoing, once we address the foundation that we build upon the actual building is relatively speedy.  Much like laying a foundation for a house can be a painstaking process but the need for a solid foundation for the structure that is built from it is paramount. Unless attention is paid to the foundation then the structure will suffer from various problems and it becomes more time consuming and labor intensive than if care and patience were involved in the original foundation laying.  So in very plain terms we are asked to show patience and trust in the process itself. If not we may fall to the illusion once more and allow frustration to build where we require space and silence in which to heal. 

Often it is not until we reach this level of cleansing and clearing that we can even understand the distractions and the noise of the old earth construct/matrix and is continual chatter.  This is of course to pull us away from TRUTH and to have us waste energy on that which cannot be resolved until it is seen.  It is at this point in the cleansing and clearing process that we begin to fully understand the context of non linear and what the context of placing emphasis on linear manifests.  We are simply conditioned within the old earth construct/matrix to put pressure upon ourselves and in doing so we walk past the gate that is there and the gate that we walk out of into the new in TRUTH.