Construct of Religion

It is vital that we can understand the role of a "construct" in order that we can first of all acknowledge it and then fully release it.  Such is the conditioning that Lucifer has subject humanity to that often a construct is hidden in plain view. Religion is seen by many within humanity as something other than it is. No religion is required in order to reach our Creator YHWY through Christ, we need simply surrender our life to our Creator YHWY through Christ. The construct of religion seeks to define this process and in doing so creates barriers to TRUTH by presenting a false salvation and a false "exit point".

For those seeking an end to a life of separation, pain and trauma it is often daunting to be presented with a picture that seeks to paint the need to be "perfect".  Christ walked this earth talking and being with those whom "society" viewed as outcasts and flawed. Indeed He went out of His way to seek out those who were broken in order that they could be offered salvation in TRUTH.  The construct of religion is blasphemous in many ways, not least in the presentation of a "perfection" that simply does not exist.  Christ Himself was a human man, His humanity is hidden by the construct of religion in order to hide the strength that He was able to reach through His connection and full surrender to our Creator YHWY. 

John 14:6 (KJV)

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Nowhere in the Word of YHWY are we instructed to follow other human beings, on the contrary we are warned repeatedly by our Creator YHWY to avoid false prophets, the book of Revelation states very clearly that in the end of days (which we are now approaching the completion of) there will be many who attempt to lead us astray.  Just as when Christ walked the earth the physical churches that are the manifestation of the construct of religion hold a power that is not theirs to hold in TRUTH. Just as when Christ walked the earth said churches seek to denounce all that they do not interpret as TRUTH, seeking to define salvation and present it as the "only way".  As the verse above clearly states there is in TRUTH only ONE WAY to salvation, ONE WAY to exit the false reality and only ONE WAY to reach our Creator YHWY and this is through His Son, Christ. All other paths are false and are of Lucifer. 

Such is the conditioning that both the media and the construct of religion seek to present that many within humanity falsely assume that darkness is other than it is. The Devil, Satan and Lucifer can all attend a church service, they can all influence "followers" of religion for the construct itself only presents a belief that sits within the human logical mind. We are required to surrender our life through our hearts, to give our hearts to Christ, not our minds, our money or our belief, the latter will pass away, only the heart can reach beyond the physical. Likewise faith is not built by attending church, by reading the bible or even by praying, it is built on the surrender and the physical experience of the power of our Creator YHWY, for our Creator YHWY will gift His Grace when we reach out through our hearts to His Son, Christ.  Simply repeating rote and ritual keeps humanity in the human logical mind which is the realm of Lucifer.  

Likewise the power of the CROSS has been hidden by the construct of religion with the Catholic Religion uppermost in the blasphemy that is presented by keeping Christ on the Cross.  To remain on the Cross is blasphemous as it hides the salvation that is beyond the Cross. Whilst, yes Christ was crucified, He ROSE BEYOND DEATH.  This is defined by the construct of religion as "symbolic" again placing Christ in "perfection" which is not TRUTH.  Christ had to overcome His humanity which is why He took human form, to have Him presented as "perfect" hides TRUTH, His overcoming was only achievable through His connection to our Creator YHWY. Without the full surrender to our Creator YHWY He could not have done what he did, He walked this earth showing the power of our Creator YHWY, connected and building his faith at a human level in order to show TRUTH. 

This power is available to all who choose life over death, who are willing to die to the old life, the old earth construct and to leave the realm of Lucifer in order to walk fully in the new earth, connected and in full service through surrender to our Creator YHWY.  This is achievable only through the acknowledgment of Christ in TRUTH.  By acknowledging the salvation that only He offers and by simply surrendering through the heart, by acknowledging the pain, separation and trauma and willingly offering them to Christ in order that they can be healed in TRUTH. This must be done wholeheartedly, our Creator YHWY sees our hearts, He knows who is going through the motions and who is sincere, there is no hiding place from our Creator YHWY.  He loves us, He wants us to come home to Him in TRUTH and He will continually offer His Grace as we step out of said pain, trauma and separation in order to heal and become whole once more in TRUTH. 


Judgement is of Lucifer and is a conditioning that seeks to remain hidden, it is not our place to judge those around us, this does not mean that we simply agree and remain quiet, it allows us to pray for their salvation but to do so in TRUTH. We ALL stand before our Creator YHWY in death and it is His judgement and His alone that we are subject to, all else is human will and assumption and is of Lucifer. Indeed it is judgment that has fueled the wars that have seen humanity play out the spiritual war at a physical everyday human level on the physical plane. We can but serve our Creator YHWY or Lucifer there is no middle ground, no "fence" to sit on, the responsibility for our actions, our thoughts and behavior all rest with us and us alone.

Revelation 3:15-16 (KJV)

 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.