Crystal Skull Family

WE ARE UNITED in TRUTH and this manifests on the human physical plane of existence where we are in this our human physical form.  The Crystal Skull Family that Karen works with is connected thru Christ to Wider Creation in TRUTH.  These skulls all connect to one another and many are now activating and providing the pathways and corridors we require in order to ELEVATE and REMOVE ourselves from the lower dimensional frequency bandwidths. Work thru TRUTH Codes will now be supported, guided and expanded thru the Crystal Skull Family that WE ARE in TRUTH.

Introducing "Nifty"

Nifty works to move thru the various dimensional levels of existence like a "knife thru butter".  This skull is pivotal in the process of getting quickly to the root (route) of the frequency disturbance in order that said disturbance be destroyed.  Once destroyed harmony is restored.

This skull is currently in retreat but may send out various "messages" thru the skull network to reconnect.

Crystal skull