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The Crystal Angel Oracle© 

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Part one -  The Crystal and Archangelic Kingdoms


Open up to higher frequencies in phase 3  

Align with the Crystal Kingdom and the Archangel Angel that works with said crystal family
Communicate more effectively with the Archangel assigned to you
Work more effectively with the Crystal Kingdom and the Archangelic Kingdom


Two meditations are included in this course.




Crystal Angel Oracle© Course - Part 2  Crystal Skulls

In this second part of the course we turn our attention to Crystal Skulls and their role in the ascension to evolution process. 

Communicating with ALL crystal skulls universally

Entering the Crystal Skull matrices to reach the "hidden" pockets that deny entry

Cementing the connection with the Crystal Skulls and the Angelic, Crystal and Dragon Kingdoms.


You do not require to own a crystal skull to use this part of the course.  It is envisaged that you have done part 1 of the course (above) before moving to this part. 


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