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Crystals are the "gift" from the universe that allows us to rebalance, to re-center and to come into wholeness in TRUTH. 

They are beautiful to look at, lovely to hold and can be tuned into relatively easily. As we approach the higher frequencies crystals will become more prevalent in their need to be part of your life.  So what may have started as a "hobby" (perhaps you have started collecting crystals) will take on deeper and deeper meaning and this is an indication that the Crystal Kingdom is aligning your energy system with said kingdom. 

It can be daunting to know how to use them and there are a myriad of books on "meanings", "uses" etc. What is KEY is how YOU interact with them. 

As the New Earth begins to reveal itself and we expand our connection to Wider Creation in TRUTH we will NATURALLY begin to remember our connection to this beautiful kingdom.  Therefore we do not require to "learn" as much as to remember. 

Its a beautiful journey and the gift is always LOVE and SERENITY.  To start your crystal journey to TRUTH simply sign up for our membership. CLICK HERE

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