Crystal Salt


Everything in the universe is energy and crystals are the "solidification" of a frequency.  Not all crystals are the same and not all crystals require to be accessed at each stage of the evolution process.  

As we work more closely with HEAVEN in TRUTH thru the Archangelic energies the way in which we work with crystals will expand and deepen. It is helpful to work with crystals in the physical so that we have a frequency to focus upon, however it is not essential to the process. We will reach a point where we do not necessarily have to have the physical representation of the frequency at hand.  

The crystals below are the foundation of our crystal "toolkit" and are the 3 base crystals that we build from. 


Rose Quartz

This crystal is perhaps the most understood of all the crystals as many people imagine rose quartz to be a sort of "pink and fluffy" crystal.  It is often overlooked when creating mandalas and working with energy grids at universal levels.   

At a personal level this is the crystal to access ARCHANGELIC energy.  Always this crystal will be illuminated because it is holds us in the breath of our Creator thru Christ and keeps us shielded from lower dimensional energies. Basically you can never have enough rose quartz! 



Selenite is another "base" crystal and is one that is very delicate. Never put selenite under running water as it will dissolve. The "layers" of selenite are representative of the multi faceted layers of the human energy system and the layers of dimensional spaces that can access. 

This crystal is used by the Archangelic energies to protect us as we work towards expansion and as we enter this next phase of the evolution process we will work with this crystal more and more. 



Prehnite is a beautiful crystal that also works to protect us as we now navigate beyond where we have been before. It is vital that we begin to work with the Archangelic frequencies and the crystals that we will be drawn to will change and shift. 

Prehnite surrounds us with the healing of Archangel Gabriel.  Often Gabriel has been associated with only the blue ray as this angel is a communication angel. However in order to SPEAK TRUTH we must come from the place of HEALING which is HEAVEN in TRUTH.  If not we will speak thru the lens of the unhealed trauma. 

Using this crystal in the universal grids allows for communication at deeper levels with the Archangels and allows for us to find that which has eluded us in this our human physical form - TRUTH.