Death is dimensional space and it is referenced to humanity as "earth".  When humanity incarnate into this dimensional space they are given a 'debt note". This note is referenced as the "soul contract" and it has a LIMITED SHELF LIFE.  That which is owed to DEATH is life itself and DEATH will always reap when the expiration of the debt note which is the soul contract reaches its expiration date. 

Within the Old Earth Matrix these debt notes are recreated at a physical waking level as dis-ease and they are re-enforced thru the various level of soul contract that is issued. It is to be noted that the spiritual plane is the plane on which the debt note is granted to the incarnating spirit. Thus humanity are reaped from as the human physical vehicle is the container that is used in order to store the emotional residue that the debt note is created for. 

In order to move beyond the confines of the Old Earth Matrix we require to both find and surrender the DEBT NOTE that we were issued with upon incarnation into this our human physical form. if we do not do this then we are not permitted to exit. DEATH cannot reap us as this is not permitted under the protocols in place for the 144,000 HOWEVER a non surrendered debt note (think musical notes and frequency here) will result in a holding pattern and limbo as DEATH holds us in the dimensional space but cannot release nor reap from us.