Deconstructing Human Physiology in TRUTH

We are moving into an evolution of humanity, this is not done just at a spiritual level for all that is spiritual manifests on the physical human level that our human physical vehicle exists within. As we move through the process that is often termed "ascension"  (within this website expansion in TRUTH) then we will undergo a physical evolution. During the process itself we are being moved from the fear vibration and frequency bandwidth that the majority of humanity have been kept contained within and are moving beyond it.  It is to be noted that human science only backs up that which the old earth construct/matrix permits, so science will only ever back up the old earth construct/matrix itself, it will seek to suppress TRUTH at all, every and any level. 

Validation of our evolution is therefore validated through the Grace of our Creator YHWY through His gift of physical human experience. Basically we will begin to experience that which those around us who are still locked into the old earth construct/matrix frequency bandwidths will not.  As there are physically more human physical vehicles locked into the old earth construct/matrix that those who are no longer locked in those who are locked in will seek to have us accept that that which we are experiencing is somehow "weird" or " strange" and that we are the ones who are somehow different in ways that are not accepted.  This is part and parcel as it were of our journey, we are not here to fit into that which the majority of humanity accept for they are blinded by the very frequency that they seek to move beyond. Therefore we will be detached from all, any and every human mirror in order to preserve our evolution. 

It is to be noted that the choice of "when" these mirrors will be removed does not sit with us, it sits with our Spirit in TRUTH which is connected fully to our Creator YHWY.  So strong is the conditioning to use these external human mirrors that if this was left to us at a more conscious waking mind level we would remain within this conditioning for too long a period to be of service to our Creator YHWY. We are therefore not in service to humanity per se but to our Creator YHWY who is not bound by any of the conditioning that our human physical vehicle has been bound to over millenia. 

It cannot be underestimated the strength of this conditioning because it is inserted through the DNA/RNA that sits within the human physical vehicle itself. This sits hidden to humanity but is triggered on the birth into this old earth construct/matrix and is "policed" by the human physical vehicles that are related through blood to us. This was the fail safe that Lucifer constructed knowing that the bonds created through the various traumas, separation and pain that is experienced within the old earth construct/matrix in relation to our relationships with our blood relations would harden almost like cement. Indeed for many who are within the opening stages of the expansion in TRUTH process the realization that they cannot help their immediate family members is one that triggers various levels of fear.  

This is negated through the shattering of the human mirrors that Lucifer has placed around us.  We need only surrender to our Spirit in TRUTH and in doing so we are covered by the Grace of our Creator YHWY.  It is to be noted that we cannot lose TRUTH and it is the human logical mind which demands that we obey the unwritten rules of our blood relations. Moving fully into our heart space and seeking refuge there is the only way to navigate this section of the path that we are walking. Understanding will be reached but not prior to the shattering of the external family mirrors. 

1 Corinthians 2:5 (KJV)

That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God