Deconstructing the Construct

Releasing Eden

In order to understand how the old earth is created it is necessary to understand what is meant by a "construct". It is a set way that something is referenced in order to give the illusion that it is solid when in TRUTH it is not solid. 

It is only from this point of understanding that we can even begin to see that the old earth is not the solid reality that we have been conditioned to accept.  Continually humanity protects the constructs by defending them through the belief system that as one single human being they are somehow helpless.  This is precisely the "logic" that Lucifer requires in order to manipulate humanity into rebellion. It is the rebellion itself that separates us from our Creator YHWY and nothing else. 

The rebellion is hidden in plain view and is often presented as "human will" and "freedom".  Such is the strength of this conditioning that many will sit with Lucifer fully believing that somehow they are in control and out with his reach due to the reference points that the human logical mind has in respect of "human will" and "freedom".  Our freedom in TRUTH can only ever begin as we step into the Salvation in TRUTH process by accepting fully that we require Christ in our deepest heart space. It is from this starting point, namely the heart, that we begin to unravel and deconstruct the construct. It is simply not possible to begin this process any other way for Lucifer has tied the human logical mind to the old earth construct itself. A bit like putting super glue over the laces tying our shoes, we do not see how truly we are bound by simply looking at the shoe laces, the super glue is clear and transparent. Just as the strongholds, dominions and crosses are, they are designed to be like this so that we end up in deep frustration unable to see the bondage that we are subject to. 

Indeed many will turn on their fellow human beings, placing the root of their frustration and bondage at their feet, thus leaving Lucifer free to continue to hold them in bondage. It is not by taking action at a human waking physical level that anything is ever changed permanently.  Such is the illusion that any temporary change or shift is accepted by the human logical mind as a "solution".  The human logical mind then changes the picture it is being presented to accommodate the temporary shift and then moves into complete denial when said "solution" then resets itself into the original picture once more. 

Strongholds will reset continually, always defaulting to the original pattern albeit allowing a temporary shift or solution en route to the reset.  Dominions work similarly but are not as obvious and crosses are taken by humanity as their personal burdens to carry, whether this be disease patterns, family histories or behavior patterns. ALL ARE OF LUCIFER and not our Creator YHWY and can only ever be broken and healed through accepting Christ fully and entering the Salvation in TRUTH process.