Denial of Bloodlines

It is vital that as we move more into the expansion in TRUTH process that we allow ourselves to challenge that which is revealed to us but which may trigger us so deeply that we move into denial.  TRUTH JUST IS and the denial will be challenged by TRUTH at all moments of all moments. It is us within us that the denial seeks to set up "home" as it were and this "home" is the VOID.  Where we have a VOID we have restraint and this works to hold us in place and prevent expansion. The actual human life experience "section" will differ for each of us, for example in personal relationships we may be fine and allow expansion but when it comes to say parenting we feel a resistance.  Or our work life can expand but our closest relationships with our immediate family may involve some resistance. 

We may have tried to work with this in earlier phases of the expansion in TRUTH process but the VOID prevents movement fully into expansion because frequency reacts to frequency, it is the start/stop, the one step forward and three steps back scenario that drives deep frustration and it may do so because the root is often invisible.  So how do we find and work with something that is "invisible", well we do this by outlining it with TRUTH, our human logical mind and our human eyes will still work to the frequency of denial but when TRUTH outlines that which is preventing expansion then we work to release that which is within the outline of TRUTH. 

The invisible is protected and defended by almost all of humanity and you will find that as you walk into this phase of expansion that you are triggered and often spiritually "attacked" at some level. This may be alarming but remember anything that is TRUTH cannot be let go of, only non TRUTH can and non TRUTH can reveal itself like a big dog with sharp teeth which is all bark and no bite. It cannot get near to you, it can be like the Wizard of OZ, the man behind the curtain giving the impression that it is  more powerful than you are in TRUTH, but the power sits with TRUTH at all moments of all moments. 

When the hidden root is within the family bloodline it is vital that we remember that the family we have incarnated into is only united in their separation. Many people fall to the fear that seeks to present itself at this phase of the expansion process, they fall to the "there is only one of me and they are so many", well technically yes but they are not united in TRUTH, they are all united through the false beliefs, pain and separation that they cling to.  It is akin to stepping on to a stage and seeing an audience looking back at you. The audience is made up of individual people who don't even know each other yet the mind will try the whole "more of them than you" trick to fool you into accepting the illusion presented. Each audience member sees you so it actually one seeing one not a thousand seeing one. 

We are supported fully at this phase for wider Creation in TRUTH is a powerful force. As we illuminate this phase it will be dealt with very quickly and the resulting expansion may be breathtaking, remember the holding pattern was only enforced due to the VOID, remove the VOID and the expansion will expand.  

TRUTH expands continually, frequency expands in TRUTH continually, STASIS is a construct of the old earth/matrix and is not natural at any level it presents itself.  By allowing the expansion the ripple goes out throughout humanity, do not fall to the lie that is presented that somehow you move to be on your own, this aids all of humanity for it aids in breaking down the very dense illusion that is keeping humanity asleep to TRUTH.