Detaching from Logic and Reason in TRUTH

We are heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to use the parameters of logic and reason above all else, if we cannot find a logical and reasonable explanation for something then we go around in circles trying to place said experience within the field of logic and reason.  This is a deliberate conditioning that seeks to hide TRUTH and seeks to keep us within the tight parameters of the rules of the old earth construct/matrix itself. Those who use logic and reasoning are bound tightly to the old earth construct/matrix and we can see within humanity at this time the weapon that logic and reason have been turned into.  Cries of "I am awake, you are asleep" are the battle cries of those who do not understand how they are being manipulated by the construct itself.  That which created the old earth construct/matrix is denied by the vast majority of humanity so remain hidden, the spiritual plane may be where the battle rages but the war is played out daily through the human physical vehicle on the physical plane which our human physical vehicle exists. The battle scars are internal and are the root of the emotional debris that blinds us to the matrix itself. 

As we move further within the expansion process and move deeper within our heart space we require to detach from the human logical mind itself. There comes a point where nothing makes any sense whatsoever when we attempt to view through two lenses, so we are given a choice by Christ, we are given the choice of TRUTH or illusion.  Only TRUTH is seen and felt by the heart space so in effect we are being asked to choose the heart or the human logical mind. This to those who have not reached this phase of the expansion process will seem insanity, how can we exist in human physical form without using our human logical mind? the question is not the correct question because in using our heart over our human logical mind we are still using said logical mind but in a different way. 

The human logical mind works only to process information, it is a storage tool for the reference points of the human life experience that are created living within the old earth construct/matrix.  This leads to a two dimensional flat human life experience that is tied to various rules of the old earth construct/matrix which is the field from which the harvest is gathered. Knowing is not the same as understanding, so we can have a vast knowledge but understand very little, it is not for nothing that academia is pushed so heavily, filling our minds with facts and figures does not thing but set up even more reference points which hides that which the construct is in TRUTH. 

When we go through the expansion in TRUTH process we move into our heart space and begin to dissolve the false reference points. We are given physical human experience of that which is revealed to us in order that we can process this through our heart space, our heart space then presents this to our human logical mind in ways that it can be worked with. We are then able to reach understanding with our heart and our human logical mind working together.  This is not supported by the old earth construct/matrix because the foundation of said matrix is division, as division is not TRUTH then the addition of the heart is denied by said matrix in order to hide itself. Humanity are not united in TRUTH, humanity are united in their division. It is entirely possible to be united in separation but this is hidden to humanity through the illusion presented internally and experienced externally.  The matrix is but a mirror, it is not a real, solid dimensional space, it is anything but solid, it is extremely fragile which is why it has such strict rules and why those within it are conditioned to such extremes. 

Human consciousness is the stronghold with which the old earth construct/matrix is protected, it is the hidden extra dimensional space that surrounds the old earth construct/matrix itself and only by destroying the stronghold through our surrender IN Christ can we even begin to reach the understanding that we require to anchor in order to remain on the path that moves us out of said construct and align with wider Creation in TRUTH.