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Image by Jonny Caspari


Imagine that the human life experience is akin to a garden, in order to maintain the balance and harmony of the actual garden there are certain things that have to happen in order that the garden does not get overgrown, that flowers can bloom and not be choked by weeds etc. 

Disruptors are akin to rogue frequencies, these are the "weeds" that seek to enter the garden and take root.  Once a weed is growing there are various options to deal with it but in order to remove the weed all the roots of said weed have to be removed or the weed will simply grow back. 

Now view the weeds as "emotional responses" and the roots as "trauma".  Many people believe that in order to experience "trauma" then a traumatic "event" must have been experienced but this glosses over the trauma frequencies that are prevalent within the human life experience itself.  We are not designed to be separate, the natural, optimum human life experience is one of belonging, of being loved and supported and accepted.  This is not what most humans experience in the world.  Anything that seeks to teach "division" is a disruptive frequency and requires to be removed.  

Human logic dictates that the "reason" that life is experienced the way in which it currently is is due to outside influences and this logic is flawed. Our human energy system both transmits and receives, many focus on the receiver but not the transmitting.  The phrase "what you give out, you receive" is very true.  It is what we are running internally that affects the outer life experience, so in order to change the outer human life experience we must go within, "weed the garden" and then experience the harmony and balance externally. 

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