Dissolving the False Boundary in TRUTH

It is relatively easy to ignore the need to be in full surrender in order that we can transcend all, any and every border that exists between our human physical vehicle and our spirit in TRUTH.  Indeed as we proceed through the process of UNION in TRUTH there will be times where we will find ourselves in deep denial. As we have been conditioned to externalize that which is internal we will find ourselves working with the reflection of denial and we require to fully surrender in order to see that the denial is actually resident within our human physical vehicle. 

For most of the work of Releasing Eden and all the work that was under the title of TRUTH Codes the emphasis has been placed on the phrase "human vehicle" this now changes for we no longer require a "housing" for our spirit, we require a VESSEL because vessels move and a "house" is static.  We have in this our human physical form been conditioned to allow not only a static experience to hold us but to allow said static to move into spiritual decay which of course manifests as physical decay (ill health and disease) on the physical plane in which our human physical vehicle resides and lives. 

In order for our spirit in TRUTH to become one at a human physical level we require to dissolve the separation which is our humanity.  We may have incarnated into human physical form but that does not make us entirely human, we must now allow our spirit in TRUTH to manifest through and into the physical plane and this will involve dissolving the very foundation of this our human life experience.

This may sound alarming but we are here to live TRUTH, not to adapt TRUTH to the lie that we have been conditioned to accept and to live from.  As most foundation teachings are laid down before we have mastered human language we have to work to release that which we believe at the very core of our being about who we are in TRUTH.  This will involve Christ revealing to us that which we have used to fuel this our human life experience and ask us to hand it over to Him. We may feel intense oppression when we approach this phase of the process because our identity is bound spiritually through the false teachings and in order to remove the root spiritually we require to approach the hidden boundary that is protected by the false teachings.

Who we believe we are is the false identity that is manifest through the binding that prevents us from accepting who we are in TRUTH.  We have been conditioned to remain tightly within said boundary and this prevents us from our Creation purpose in TRUTH.  We are here in this our human physical form for a very specific purpose.  Darkness knew this before we even took this human form and has sought to lay the very logical and often fully assumed traps that all of humanity have fallen into. This is why the path at times has been so challenging to actually walk as those within humanity embraced the false teachings which are validated through the false manifestation of spiritual bindings. It is only through moving fully into our heart space, the deepest part of our heart that we can be IN CHRIST and it is the frequency of TRUTH that burns through that which has simply bound us to our outer waking reality.  Just because it is experienced does not make it TRUTH, it is our spirit in TRUTH that is now re aligning us for many of us have strayed and the further we have strayed the more we will have to release but the releasing allows for vast movement and this will always be validated physically. It will release the patterns that have sought to keep us chains, it will open doors that have remained firmly closed and it will close doors that have remained open often in denial of our own authority. 

It cannot be underestimated how far off track humanity are in relation to their own identity and this will now be addressed through the physical manifestation of the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM who come in service to our Creator YHWY to address the struggle of humanity.  The war was already won spiritually and now this VICTORY will be enforced on the very physical plane that humanity exist within.  This will see a new dawn for humanity begin to birth and a new way of living and being evolve in TRUTH. 

In prophetic terms it is Revelation 21:1 (KJV)

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea