It is vital that accept our own Divinity.  Prior to incarnation into this human physical form WE ARE.  As we move thru the process that is Phase TWO of the ascension to full evolution process we will begin to remember in TRUTH.  We will be granted physical experience in order to validate our ORIGIN and the challenge is always to accept said ORIGIN. 

The dimensional space referenced as 'earth" is a highly corrupted dimensional space, it is warped in various ways and the frequency bandwidths within this space are a challenge. We are however never alone and we are coded thru our Spirit in TRUTH. This allows us to dissolve that which tries to wrap itself within us and have us surrender to it. 

As we move beyond Phase ONE and work to surrender to the process of anchoring our SPIRIT in TRUTH we begin to remember. Always it is the human logical mind that attacks and is supported in its attack. We work always to align fully with our ORIGIN.  This allows us to navigate using TRUTH and NOT the tools provided within this corrupted and highly blasphemous dimensional space. If we default to the navigation tools that the human race use by default we will be opposed and held in place. It is our surrender to TRUTH that is our protection. No matter what our human logical mind demands that we do, think or believe, TRUTH JUST IS.