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Thru Karen Doonan

Dragons are inter-dimensional and as such protect us as we navigate the timestreams. For eons they have been tethered to the dimensional space referenced as "earth" and forced to remain in slavery to those who created this dimensional space. As we have gone higher and deeper in frequency we have reached the necessary bandwidth to re-connect with this beautiful energy and to re-connect with those who walk with us personally. 

Dragon Message thru Karen



Our journey

From a very young age I had an interest in all things "dragon".  When I was younger I used to collect myth and magick dragons that were part of a fantasy art work series, always feeling a huge connection to them.  When I began my training in vibrational medicine the dragons resurfaced, coming to me during one deep meditation with the skulls. Showing me where they were tethered in order that work was done thru the skull matrices to untether and free these glorious beings. Always a fire dragon has walked with me, protecting and clearing the road before me. 

It is my honor to bring thru the dragon energies that wish to speak with you at this time.  These dragons wish to re-connect and re-establish the connection that has always been there, like ALL from Wider Creation in TRUTH, Dragons are eternal. Hence part of the communication between the Dragons and those they wish to speak with will involve information on how to re-birth the connection more fully.  All messages are sent via email, please make sure the email address you wish to receive the message is the clearly communicated. 


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