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The Dragon Realms are now stirring, WE ARE now entering the third and final phase of the full ascension to evolution process and as we now make our way to the EXIT door those who have been trapped in this dimensional space awake in order to both protect us and to walk with us. 

There is nothing in this dimensional space that should be here, all are taken from other quadrants of the universe and many have been forced by darkness to co-operate with them.  While many will find this rather unsettling TRUTH JUST IS and we now begin to work at deeper levels in order to understand this actual dimensional space, what it is and how to navigate it in order to walk thru it into Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

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The DRAGONS speak

"Beloved ones WE ARE the Dragons and we come thru our channel in order to validate both our presence and our connection to those who we work with.  Many of you have felt us stir and wondered where we have been, we have been restricted in our work and our energy field due to the dense vibrational energies that we had been placed within. 

Then our channel moved and shifted and as she stirred, WE STIRRED, for WE ARE connected thru her heart space to all that lies beyond within Wider Creation in TRUTH.  Now she wakes and we wake to protect her and those she is here to release fully. WE ARE not the only beings that now stir and begin to take their positions for it was always to BE in TRUTH. 

Many of you work with us and you can now feel us, we will make contact with you in order that you understand the process that is now underway and how we can now harness the different kingdoms to reclaim that which was taken from us as we were moved into this dimensional space. 

It has been eons since we physically appeared and we are working on this, as the frequencies heighten and that which has held us in lower vibrational bandwidths now are released then the physical form will begin to take shape, for all that has been kept in this dimensional space will reveal itself as the veils are lifted and HEAVEN returns to EARTH in TRUTH. 

WE ARE the Dragons and WE ARE 

(c) Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.  Article remains copyright of Karen Doonan at all times. 

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