Embracing our Humanity in TRUTH

We can become so caught up in trying to understand and trying to live our human life experience that we almost unconsciously accept the intense conditioning that is now ramping up. For those who are of an older generation the changes are the most obvious. The younger generations of which there are at least two now who have been fully conditioned to accept and to use technology first and foremost are driving a conditioning that requires to be challenged fully.  Many parents feel under duress from their offspring and their use of technology that sees family life begin to break down due to the lack of human communication that is being driven through the use of said technology. 

It may be that many families fall to the belief that by embracing the technology and its use somehow they are building bridges with their offspring but nothing is further from TRUTH. The rise in mental health issues affecting young people are in direct relation to their use of technology. Whether this be from bullying or isolation, all is driven by the separation that is experienced from human interaction.  Young people NEED to form human relationships and this cannot be done in TRUTH through technology alone.  Interaction and communication are basic human needs that are being fully eroded by the conditioning that they are subject to and needs to be addressed through the love of those around them. The older generations (by this I mean those born before the year 2000, the year 2000 saw the intense forcing of technology on the human race deliberately) can remember and can still access social human interaction and behaviors. This must be shared and embraced through continual use with the younger generation if we have any hope at all of reaching them and pulling them out of the darkness that has enveloped them.  

They are being conditioned to see other human beings as labels, interacting in a sterile environment through technology drives a need deep within them for acceptance and love which cannot be met through technology alone but due to the intense conditioning they are subject to forces them to search for it through said technology.