Embracing TRUTH through Surrender

Releasing Eden

Within the old earth construct the word "surrender" has become synonymous with "giving up" and is seen as something that we have to avoid at all costs and yet our Salvation in TRUTH is bound to surrender.  It is only through surrender to our Creator YHWY that we can be released from the bondage of Lucifer's world.  Many within humanity believe that we already live in our Creator YHWY's world and ask such questions as "how can God allow this?" when world events reveal the death and destruction of this world. 

This world is not of our Creator YHWY, we are all born into Lucifer's world and we are all born into sin and death until we begin to walk towards our creation purpose in TRUTH by accepting Christ as our Savior. Until this point we are manipulated fully by Lucifer in every area of the human life experience, it was the whole point of creating what is termed the human life experience, to use humanity as further rebellion. 

It is not easy to see rebellion in TRUTH for Lucifer hides it from humanity and encourages further rebellion through the hidden constructs.  We may fully believe that we are following what God wills for us all the while being under the full manipulation of Lucifer, we do not require to be in full rebellion to be in rebellion!  Simply exercising our own human will in direct defiance of our Creator YHWY is all that is required.  Falling to the false belief that somehow we are alone and have to work out this human life experience all by ourselves is the most common act of rebellion and Lucifer is very good at persuading humanity that they are lost and alone. We only have to look at the sections of humanity which are now being judged by their fellow humans to see this rebellion alive and well. Judgment is not of our Creator YHWY, it is of Lucifer for when we judge we take a stand against our fellow human beings.  Only the person living their life experience is having said experience, we can assume, we can sympathize and we can have compassion but we cannot know another's experience for it is personal and unique.  Lucifer has simply turned the fear of humanity of rejection in on itself and reaped the harvest of sorrow that this manifests. Connecting humanity to their own pain and anguish repeatedly gives the illusion that humanity is somehow abandoned by our Creator YHWY and nothing is further from TRUTH. 

Humanity cannot do this alone, it cannot take on Lucifer and the legions of darkness for that is not our Creation Purpose in TRUTH, whole sections of humanity are now discovering what happens when we attempt this and its not pleasant. When we surrender to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ we are covered by the blood of Christ. This sees us protected from darkness and under full protection of our Creator YHWY. It is only through this grace that we can begin to build our lives in TRUTH and begin to harmonize with wider creation in TRUTH. 

1 John 1:7 (KJV)

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.