Embracing Wider Creation in TRUTH

We have been contained in a dimensional space which we have then been heavily conditioned to accept is other than it is in TRUTH.  The frequencies that we have been subject to have altered our entire perspective and context of "creation" which when it is within the dimensional space that we were born into is not TRUTH. 

This is now altering as the higher frequency of LOVE in TRUTH now floods into and through this dimensional space and we will begin to experience that which our human logical mind and our human eyes begin to deny and often they will deny to the point of absurdity.  Wider humanity will continue for some linear time to defend that which is not TRUTH by defaulting to the intense conditioning and the forcing of logic and reason over all else.  This will see two very distinct sections of humanity begin to form, those who can work through the heart space and dissolve the conditioning and those who hold fast to said conditioning fearing that somehow letting it go will be the end of them.  It is of course the polar opposite, those who cling to logic and reason will be dissolved from wider creation because they are not TRUTH. 

This is a challenging phase of the evolution process to walk through which is why we have to remain fully surrendered to our Creator YHWY through our connection to His Son, Christ. We have to side step all, any and every religious context due to the corruption that has enfolded through the very construct of religion itself. For many this is time of major expansion for others it is a time of chaos and unending challenges. 

We need to be really clear from the beginning of this phase onward, we cannot somehow give sight to those who defy TRUTH and wish to remain blind, this will be opposed fully by our Creator YHWY.  Those who have chosen to deny wider Creation and LOVE in TRUTH will go through the prophecy that states: 

Revelation 22:11 (KJV)

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still

It is vital to understand that we do not all resonate to the same frequency and as it is frequency that dictates experience not all who have taken human physical form have the same physical experience.  It is relatively easy to assume and this is the major tool of darkness during the beginning of this phase, "assumption".  Indeed as this phase begins to take hold and to expand you will begin to experience that which your human logical mind demands cannot happen. Two people can have vastly different experiences but appear to be standing next to one another. 

Let us use an example to show how simple and yet so absurd to the human logical mind this can be. Let us take a cross section of people who live in a small town and let us take the example of weather. Some people will react to the weather in a positive way, they will embrace the weather but to an extent that seems almost bizarre. You may find people dressing inappropriately for the actual temperature that is being experienced. This may see some people wear almost winter attire walking past others who are dressed like it is some sort of intense heat wave with very little clothing on.  The human logical mind will demand that one section is wrong and one is right, (this is the polarization of the human logical mind, left OR right, up OR down) when in TRUTH it is merely the manifestation of the frequency that the people are resonating to at that moment. What has prevented this from occurring previously is the false frequency rules that have been imposed upon humanity within the closed dimensional space that we have been conditioned to accept is called "earth". 

We will begin to experience more and more of these apparent ludicrous situations as wider creation begins to break down these false rules and establishes a foundation of TRUTH which of course is a frequency. This will lead to situations that cannot be explained logically or reasonably and this will trigger many within humanity who use the false reference points created within the human logical mind in respect of what is "normal". 

In order to embrace wider creation we require to dissolve the false reference points that we have used to navigate the old earth, the contained dimensional space, and begin to use our heart space which does not work in logic nor reasoning and can easily and expertly navigate that which the human logical mind has severe difficulty with.  This is part of prophecy because in order to feed from the frustration, chaos and anxiety that this will manifest at the beginning of the dissolving darkness simply created and imposed a deep conditioning within humanity. As many within humanity cling to this way of living it will work fully against them. We are not here to bypass the living of our human life experience, we are here to LIVE IN TRUTH, there is no logic nor reason involved in the process of LIVING in TRUTH because LOVE in TRUTH bows to no one, IT JUST IS because it is TRUTH.