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Image by Galina N


Enhancers are as they sound, frequencies that enhance our energy signature, they are the frequencies that balance and harmonise our human life experience.  We can view these as the nutrients that we add to our garden in order there is ultimate nurturing and support for all that is within the garden. 

Our garden must have soil in which the flowers can grow and bloom, the grass must be watered with water that is fresh and hydrating etc.  It is important that we nurture ourselves and each one of us nurtures in different ways.  

Our heaven podcasts are created to nurture the inner most parts of the human life experience. Created to support the expansion and continual blooming of the flowers in your garden.  The human voice is a set of frequencies and the voice can be used in various ways to nurture or to break down.  Words have power and often this is used destructively.  Karen's voice will bring you into the safe space that is often missing in the human life experience, illuminating parts of the human life experience that may have been neglected and in which the weeds may have taken root and begun to grow. 


Our meditation podcasts are created to allow you to explore the garden, at any moment of any moment we can change the layout and arrangement of the garden, we can add plants, remove plants, add in borders, put in water features etc. Whatever brings us the most joy and harmony can be done but often we forget that we are the landscapers of the garden. These meditation podcasts allow you to explore new ways of tending to the garden.  

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