Entering the Cocoon in TRUTH

The symbol of the butterfly has long been used to highlight metamorphosis.  The butterfly is born from the death and transformation of the caterpillar.  We do not physically see this transformation and we have been given many and varied false reference points in relation to this. At this human physical vehicle level we simply cannot understand full metamorphosis and all that it involves, our human logical mind has no reference points of the depth of change that occurs as we have been held in stasis for our entire existence as a race. 

As we move further and further into the expansion and clearing process we are moved towards the metamorphosis process. We have to remove all that binds us to the old earth construct/matrix in order that we can then be fully broken down akin to the caterpillar and then be born into who we are in TRUTH. 

The human logical mind does not like the idea of this process and will try to reject it fully at various points within the expansion process, so much is hidden from us and stored in the unconscious and sub conscious level of our human logical mind. It is therefore vital that we allow the process to continue and that we surrender to not being able to reach understanding until we allow said process to be physically lived. 

There are various discomforts that manifest during this process and the major one will be around close family relationships because we are tied into the false teaching of "blood is thicker than water".  Darkness will use whatever vessel it can to remain close to us and attempt to prevent the clearing process take hold within us. We must remain out of all, any and every assumption when it comes to family relationships as darkness works akin to a trojan horse, it will often not be obvious who is hosting the darkness and is seeding that which will work against our expansion process. We must at this level of expansion stop using our human eyes and view everything in frequency. This also helps in relation to the emotional bindings that attempt to keep us chained. We are not here to be bound to non TRUTH, we are aligned with and are expanding into TRUTH at each and every moment. It becomes physically uncomfortable for us to be in the vicinity of non TRUTH. 

The human logical mind will attempt to have us seek shelter away from other frequency in an attempt to regulate how we feel and this is not TRUTH.  Only by standing in our frequency and finding balance as we do so will we reach peace, seeking to find shelter by isolating ourselves is a very dense and well pushed false teaching that enslaves many at this time. Darkness works to push where it should not be and we simply stand in TRUTH and in doing so radiate our frequency, this sees darkness dissolved fully. This takes practice and we are given plenty of opportunities by our Creator YHWY in order that we can understand that which is unfolding. 

During the walk to metamorphosis we are practicing standing in our frequency and walking where we are conditioned that we cannot walk.  This allows us to dissolve all, any and every false pathway and has us standing fully on the ROCK of TRUTH. Darkness knows this and will attempt to have us not only step off the ROCK of TRUTH but run away from it, this is major manipulation and this manipulation is born in the human logical mind first and foremost. We therefore do not run, we stand on the ROCK and simply BE.  We are fully supported in this and we are opposed in our running, many within humanity are remaining fully entrapped due to their own human logical mind which is seeking shelter in the very place where we must move from.  There is no shelter in TRUTH apart from the deep heart space, we must therefore challenge the human logical mind and our own conditioning, this is why we are given physical experience because simply "knowing" is not enough.  It is physical experience of TRUTH that shows TRUTH because TRUTH JUST IS and cannot be moved.