Eternal Life in TRUTH Part One

Such is the intense conditioning that we are subject to in this our human form that the human logical mind begins to work against us fully as we enter the Salvation in TRUTH process.  Accepting Christ as our salvation is the starting point of this process and millions within humanity are stuck at this point, allowing their human logical mind to prevent them from going beyond where they believe they can go.  Referencing what is "meant" by the words of our Creator YHWY has seen religion in its many forms take over and prevent the very salvation they say they promote. Christ did not walk this earth in His human form debating and encouraging people to go to church and adopt the rote and ritual that religion manifests as the smokescreen from TRUTH. 

He sat with those who needed Him most and these were the people that even today "society" rejects, those who are judged somehow unworthy of being part of humanity when in TRUTH humanity are unworthy as a whole but choose to segregate the unworthiness, always placing themselves above those around them.  This way of living is death and yet is accepted and often defended by humanity.  We cannot love the way that Christ loved when we are bound to a reality that is in direct rebellion to our creation purpose in TRUTH.  No amount of trying to "solve" the puzzle that is in TRUTH not there can help. It is human pride and arrogance to believe that humanity can solve something they are blind to, for humanity are conditioned and controlled through the emotional debris they use to judge and condemn those around them. 

Step one in the process of walking Salvation in TRUTH is to accept that we cannot do this alone, that we are weak and that we are but human.  We have wronged others, we have hurt and been hurt, we have acted out of fear, of loathing, of pain, of separation and we are in this separated human form wretched.  This is not somehow going into a well of self-pity but to acknowledge the depths of pain, trauma and separation that exist within humanity as a whole. Sitting in judgment of those around us is sitting in rebellion for we cannot know the path that those around us walk. We cannot change those around us, we can only change what is within us, allowing through the grace gifted to us through our Salvation in TRUTH our behavior to change to those around us. 

Revelation 3:14 (KJV)

 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

To help others we must first of all address our own iniquities, our own separation, our own pain and trauma, as we allow this to be transformed through Christ we gain our vision. Where we were once blind we can see and as we see we can adjust and moderate our behavior and reach for the LOVE in TRUTH that is the answer to everything at all times.  When we do not know what to do, we reach out through prayer to Christ and allow Him to lead us, to allow the LOVE that IS to heal the wounds, to cleanse the pain and to bring together what Lucifer has spent eons separating.  True togetherness is always through Christ but it is through our individual heart space and Christ, it is through His support, His love and His connection to our Creator YHWY that miracles are birthed for we are but human and that makes us vulnerable in ways we simply cannot see in this our human form.