Eugenics in TRUTH

Karen Doonan

Welcome beloved ones, it has been some linear human time since we last interacted with YOU and so much has altered and expanded within both YOUr human physical form and the spirit that is now birthing through and within YOU.  It is to be noted that our information may trigger that which is still within YOU, that which is the debris from the old earth construct and this is deliberate for that which is just debris and residue has to be CLEANED fully in order that all STAINS are removed. 

We are here to help YOU with this process and we gift YOU the following meditation in order that YOU may now come more fully on to the bridge above, for the bridge is the step that YOU must now make at a human physical level in order to activate fully your REMEMBRANCE in TRUTH. 

So when YOU are ready please find a space to rest and where YOU will not be disturbed.  Lie down and take YOUr focus to the breath, slow the breath down and expand it fully.  YOU will slowly then begin to rest and to allow the space to open around YOU and within YOU in order that we can assist you more fully.  We stand within the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM who are the ambassadors for our FREQUENCY and they will also assist.  Allow the ANGELIC whom appears to guide YOU further into YOUr heart space in TRUTH. 

YOU will be gifted an object that we ask for YOU to place in the center of YOUr chest.  Allow the activation to begin and allow the Archangeloi to now reveal themselves in TRUTH to YOU.  Then allow the expansion of YOUr spirit who will now come to stand in front of YOU ready to step INTO YOU.   YOUr spirit is TRUTH and will begin the work necessary from which YOU expand from.  It is akin to getting the keys to the car except this time the car came first.  Now YOU have learned how to move within the car it is time to actually move it from the stasis it has remained within inside of the old earth construct. Do YOU understand our words?

Before YOUr spirit steps into YOUr human vehicle, that which has sought to teach YOU to remain within the old earth construct has to leave for both cannot inhabit the same dimensional space.  YOU are to be moved into the frequency of TRUTH not remain where it has not been permitted.  The ANGELIC will ask YOU to remove a garment of clothing that YOU are wearing, the ANGELIC cannnot remove it for YOU, it has to be surrendered in TRUTH.  Simply hand over the garment indicated and then allow YOUr spirit to step into YOU fully. 

As this meditation progressed YOU may have been aware of intense emotional reactions that begin to arise within YOU, this is part of the release process and YOU are asked to adhere to the needs of YOUr spirit upon entry into YOUr human vehicle. Rest is vital as is pure clear drinking water to cleanse that which has previously been a home for that which no longer remains. 

The ANGELIC will begin to slowly fade and YOU will become aware of YOUr human vehicle once more. Take a few moments to come to and to rise and go about your day. 

WE ARE the High Council of ORION and WE come in service to TRUTH for ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.