Releasing Eden

It is relatively easy to walk when we feel that things are positive but when it appears to our human logical mind that somehow things "should" be another way then we have walked off the narrow path and back onto the highway where most of humanity are walking. 

Walking in FAITH can only ever be done WITH Christ, walking alongside of Him and walking when He asks us to and resting when He asks us to.  The challenge to this is always through our human logical mind and the deep conditioning we have been subject to (and are still subject to) within the old earth construct itself. We are literally trained to place our human logical mind in the drivers seat and then we are held to its ransom when we attempt to detach from this conditioning. 

Walking in FAITH does not mean blindly stumbling forward for that is NOT what Christ nor our Creator YHWY asks of us. That is where most of us find ourselves when we fall off the narrow way and in these times our Creator YHWY will halt our human life experience until we begin to understand where we have walked. Always this is done in the full protection of our Creator YHWY.

It is when we have walked off the narrow path that we will find ourselves at odds with our heart space and find that there becomes an inner turmoil that is continually fed by the human logical mind.  Always we must re-address our walk and step back on to the narrow path through further surrender to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ. Repenting for allowing our vision to be distracted by the conditioning and repenting for the rebellion that this involves.  Our Creator YHWY is a forgiving Father and we will find that the understanding that this allows always allows for the distraction to be dissolved and rectified, Darkness often leads us back to our Creator YHWY for it cannot hide its frequency, we will instinctively "feel" the frequency and sense something is off even if we cannot see it. This is the "hint" if you will that our Creator YHWY gives us to show us we have strayed, it is always our responsibility to come back into the fold.  Always the sheep will be taken back when they have left the field, Lucifer of course wishes to lead the sheep to the wolves and many who claim to have the interests of the sheep at heart are simply those wolves, they show this by their fruit, judgment, condemnation and a "try harder" attitude that does nothing other than provide the very fear that Lucifer requires to continue to fuel the old earth construct. 

Matthew 7:18 (KJV)

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit

We are in the end of the end of times and we are warned in the Word of YHWY that there will be wolves in sheep's clothing. This is often taken very literally with those who lead churches condemned and yet often it is the little voice of distraction that sits within a congregation that does all the damage. The turning away from our Creator YHWY can come from anywhere, not necessarily the leader of the congregation. Lucifer has placed his wolves in sheep's clothing throughout the old earth construct, they appear to be in human physical form but are corrupted fully and are placed in order to distract and displace the Word of YHWY continually.