False Prophets

We are in what is often termed the end of days. The outer waking reality is not what we perceive it be and for many within humanity the world is in deep chaos. This perceived chaos triggers the human logical mind and the conditioning that Lucifer has spent eons instilling within the human race. We tend to default to human logic when we feel that we are under attack and this is part of the conditioning, to use logic when in TRUTH we are created to LOVE in TRUTH.  The human logical mind has no concept of LOVE in TRUTH for we cannot rationalize a feeling.  LOVE defies definition, for LOVE in TRUTH knows no boundaries and sits beyond our human logical mind.  It is only ever accessed through the heart space and the keeper of the doorway is Christ Himself.  Many within traditional religion are taught that in order to accept Christ into our heart space we must open the door when He knocks. This is TRUTH, our perception of what this means is often flawed. We are trapped WITHIN our heart space until we answer the knock at the door.  We are not so much allowing Christ into our heart space as allowing Him to guide us BEYOND and out into wider Creation in TRUTH. 

As Christ is the ONLY WAY to our Creator YHWY Lucifer has created a dense illusion that seeks to have humanity accept alternative routes that involve side stepping the heart space. In the new age religion for example they are taught the false teachings of "Christ Consciousness", as consciousness only exists within the human mind this prevents access to the heart space where we meet Christ in TRUTH. It sees us trapped in the human logical mind. It was not a consciousness that died on the cross it was a HUMAN MALE who nailed to the cross,  passed into death and rose beyond it.  Christ consciousness is the false teaching that seeks to have humanity bypass the heart space fully.  

Within traditional religion there are various denominations, each with their own spin on the interpretation of the Word of YHWY, we are warned of this in the Word of YHWY and Christ Himself gives a clear example in the new testament of walking with ordinary people, those whom the churches of the time rejected. Christ did not walk the earth and call people to a physical church or call people to listen to priests. Indeed it was the churches who put Christ on the Cross in direct rebellion to our Creator YHWY. 

There are many false prophets gone into the world, all appeal to human logic in some form or another. Many present themselves as the answer to the question that in TRUTH simply does not exist. We are told by our Creator YHWY in the book of Revelation: 

Revelation 21:3 (KJV)

 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God

It is human ego to place ourselves as the voice of our Creator YHWY and to assume.  Just as our Creator YHWY chose His prophets and chose the host mother for His Son it is HE ALONE who chooses His Children.  We therefore must surrender fully to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ, using the power of prayer and following that which we are commanded through Christ Himself.  All else is human and is subject to the laws of Lucifer for humanity is chained to Lucifer until freed from the chains of death by Christ Himself. 

False prophets have existed for as long as humanity has been in existence. It is vital that we surrender to our Creator YHWY's will for darkness has an agenda also.  Its agenda is to keep humanity in rebellion to its Creator in TRUTH for as long as possible, providing false escape and exit routes in order to attempt to stall the end of the end of times.  For our Creator YHWY has made a promise to His Children of a new earth, of a new way of living and being. This promise is fulfilled by our Creator Himself not by human assumption and certainly not by human will.  TRUTH will always validate itself no matter how much illusion promises it cannot deliver in TRUTH.  If we cannot physically experience that which we have been promised by our Creator YHWY then we are still within the confines of illusion. This is why we are asked to move fully into our heart space for our heart knows and understands to levels that our human logical mind cannot comprehend. Unfortunately we have been conditioned in this our human form to default to our human logical mind over our heart.